A Message from the Global Head of Appirio

April 27, 2020 Hari Raja

My name is Hari Raja, Appirio’s Global Head, writing from my home office in Hyderabad, India.  

First, I want to extend our thoughts and well wishes to the individuals, businesses, and communities affected by the coronavirus pandemic. It seems nearly everyone has been impacted in some capacity and we are here to overcome these challenging times together.  

We are all experiencing truly uncharted territory. COVID-19 is changing the way we do just about everything --our family life, the way we work, the way we socialize. Our lives have changed dramatically in a matter of weeks. 

At Appirio, our priority is always the health and well-being of our team members and valued customers. For over 14 years, Appirio’s culture has been based on a “work-from-home" model. With over 60% of our workforce already in a home office-based environment, we are uniquely qualified to operate in the current world of remote working. Our team members are not only comfortable in that environment; we thrive in it!  

The question we have been asking ourselves now is how we can leverage our uniquely well-positioned company to help our customers and local communities. 

From a broader Wipro-wide level we quickly rallied around our Topcoder community to minimize disruption, we are leveraging our enterprise crowdsourcing platform to provide access to over 1.5 million developers globally. If you are new to the Topcoder platform, we would encourage you to leverage it. 

Additionally, Wipro’s founder and chairman Azim Premji, in partnership with Wipro Limited and Wipro Enterprises, have donated over $150 million toward humanitarian aid and strengthening healthcare support targeted at the containment and treatment of this disease.  

Within Appirio, we have been hard at work alongside Salesforce, our customers, and different partners developing solutions to help aid in the response of the new COVID-19 business landscape.  

One solution we recently completed is our work with a large US bank to support the loan request process for small & medium-sized businesses to help save the jobs of thousands of employees. The ask was for Appirio and Wipro to build a new application for supporting the process 2 days before the launch which happened to be the following Monday. The team worked tirelessly during the weekend, completely from their home offices for 2 days continuously, to bring the application live flawlessly. The impact is amazing: ~22k PPP loan applications; $5.5B total application just on Day 1.  

This is just one of the many cross-industry solutions that are in development and going to market in the coming weeks and months. We welcome the opportunity to discuss these further as we collectively uplift our businesses and communities together. 

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