All You Have to Do Is Ask: Accessing Salesforce Insights with Einstein Voice

November 26, 2019 Michael Brumitt

Einstein AI at the Appirio Booth at Dreamforce

Throughout the course of a day it’s pretty common to speak to a number of colleagues and clients, yet we now have the ability to converse with an unlikely but familiar source: Salesforce’s Einstein.   

Many Salesforce users will already have some experience with this artificial intelligence component, as it’s been a central feature in Salesforce’s cloud services, but Einstein now has become even more sophisticated. Unveiled at Dreamforce last week as one of the latest innovations, AI and voice-based functionality are now integrated into Einstein to give users a new way to access valuable information with voice control. 

Marc Benioff’s opening keynote included a demo of Einstein’s new voice capability, which was given an even greater focus during the Salesforce Einstein keynote led by Marco Casalaina, VP of Product Management. Early in his remarks, Casalaina didn’t shy away from talking about AI’s challenges. He shared a stat from Fortune that 7 out of 10 businesses using AI say they’ve achieved little to nothing from their efforts and investments. 

Einstein has been built as a solution to this issue by being easy to use and providing capabilities that help businesses gain measurable results. Over the course of the Einstein keynote, Casalaina and other Salesforce presenters laid out how these results can be achieved, with demos showing specific functions and Salesforce practitioners sharing their real-world success stories.  

Asking the right question matters  

Just like any other smart speaker, using Einstein is as simple as asking a question, yet that’s just the first step. As the director of User and Product Insights, Yakaira Núñez demonstrated during the keynote presentation, Einstein isn’t just a source of ideas for potential short-term actions, but for valuable predictions on business performance.  

During the presentation, Yakaira and her team acted out a mock quarterly meeting where it was revealed that their business exceeded their KPIs for the past quarter. The big news was that they achieved a huge gain in customer satisfaction, and Yakaira asked Einstein for a prediction of the following quarter’s satisfaction number. Surprisingly, the answer was a huge drop.  

After a further question about the main reason customer satisfaction would decrease, Einstein answered that case resolution time would be the biggest factor. Some quick research showed that the team’s competitors were beating their resolution times and consequently stealing customers away from them. The team then decided to discover any solutions Trailhead could offer and planned to create new goals for speeding up their case-resolution productivity.  

By combining teamwork and Einstein’s AI benefits, the team was able to uncover a vulnerability, the reason behind it, and then start sketching out a strategy for improving it. The demo was essentially a snapshot of how data can be gathered to maintain success and provided a good starting point for a larger look into the real-world stories of how Einstein is helping companies learn about their markets and make profitable decisions. 

Gaining new efficiencies and productivity with Einstein  

Despite the statistic that Marco Casalaina mentioned, certain businesses are seeing strong results from their AI efforts. The Tokyo-based Leave a Nest is not only taking advantage of Einstein’s range of capabilities, but they’ve built their own customized AI solution within their application.  

In the words of CIO George Yoshida, the organization is dedicated to “advancing science and technologies for global happiness,” with a focus on education. As part of their work, they help researchers and students seeking grants to find the best opportunities.  

Using Einstein, the Leave a Nest team can assess which individuals will likely apply for a grant and then narrow down the most qualified applicants. Einstein’s prediction builder offers percentages for each one, giving the team a more streamlined way of putting people on a path toward earning funds for their research.  

For Jessica DeLeo, Director of Sales Enablement Tools at State Street Global Advisors, Einstein enables her team to be more efficient and provide great service to customers. Her company provides investment solutions to enterprises around the world. DeLeo manages her reps’ Salesforce usage to ensure they’re gaining benefits from it.  

She walked through a day-in-the-life scenario of one of her team members, who started by asking Einstein, “What’s my day look like?” The answer included the number of meetings scheduled that day, a reminder to complete her timesheet, and an alert about a particular client who’s experiencing a high attrition rate due to low engagement.  

After looking up that client’s record, the rep can verify the data and devise a solution based on Einstein’s recommended next steps. For DeLeo’s team, finding risks and creating a plan to avoid them can be accomplished quickly and easily to provide extremely valuable guidance to clients. 

New data advantages equal new sales opportunities   

Albert Einstein himself was quoted as saying, “The important thing is to not stop asking questions.” That approach can be used to uncover new opportunities for delivering great experiences to customers and clients. As AI continues to become a part of business operations throughout multiple industries, Salesforce’s Einstein will be a valuable tool for learning how to meet customer demands and remain competitive.  

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