And Now for Something Different: Why Go to Dreamforce ’15?

August 11, 2015 Jiordan Castle


With Dreamforce ’15 just a month away, it’s worth pondering: why do we go to Dreamforce — the Coachella of tech festivals, if you will — year after year? Typically, it’s to hear the latest news from Salesforce and map revolutionary technology, like Salesforce for HR (new this year). And with enough free t-shirts, bags, fresh pressed juice, and 3D printers — and of course, high-profile speakers and presentations — to keep even the most veteran attendees engaged, what more can we expect from Dreamforce ’15? Fortunately, the answer is plenty.

The future of employee engagement is mobile and social

You may have heard it before, but the fact remains: a happy customer is the result of a great Worker Experience. At Dreamforce ’15, Appirio will emphasize the relationship between Worker Experience and Customer Experience — an important shift from years of stale “the customer is always right” talk. This isn’t to say that the future of Customer Experience isn’t customer-centric; it is. But employee engagement has become equally important, and businesses are now faced with having to blow the dust off of old intranets, move to a social model, and make mobility a priority.

A focus on building relationships with loyalty apps

Loyalty apps are typically aimed at building a relationship between company and customer. They can be used for “checking in” at physical places, offering deals, as part of a rewards program, and more. At Dreamforce ’15, you can expect to see more from Heroku, a great platform for building a custom loyalty app for customers (which ties into Salesforce CRM). Heroku provides a flexible, developer-friendly environment while delivering a business-ready tool that can transform a company’s Customer Experience.

Multichannel support: a new era of Customer Experience

As the Future of Work unfolds, we’ll also see a shift toward multichannel support. Basically, this means customers want company interactions on their preferred device — be it a tablet, smartphone, or the old desktop computer — and the ability to move seamlessly from one device without losing connection to another if need be. In fact, there are 2 main drivers for providing multichannel support:

1. Customers expect an optimized experience through their preferred channel.

Years of data from Forrester Research has confirmed and reiterated the strong relationship between the quality of a business’s Customer Experience and degrees of loyalty, including: willingness to consider the company for another purchase, likelihood to switch to a competitor, and likelihood to recommend the company to someone else.

2. Cost avoidance.

Though it’s a traditional channel for communication, the phone channel is the most expensive.

We know that a great Customer Experience delivers fast, reliable, positive interactions between company and customer. Dreamforce ’15 will help shepherd us into a new era of coupled-up Worker Experience and Customer Experience — with interconnectedness at the forefront of good customer service interactions. Add to that 4 days of tech talks, networking, and maybe even an incredible party (hint, hint), and you’ve got one unforgettable Dreamforce.


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