Appirio Chooses Indianapolis as Official Corporate Headquarters

August 28, 2015 Chris Barbin


Today we announced that we have chosen Indianapolis to serve as our official corporate headquarters. The city and state will invest nearly $10M in Appirio as part of this designation, and in turn, Appirio will commit to 577 jobs by 2020.

We’ll continue to sustain strong growth in our San Francisco, Dublin, London, Jaipur and Tokyo offices, and evaluate additional offices in our global expansion efforts. However, this move reflects our Indy office’s important role as a global training center and recruiting hub as we look to support our growing list of customers and partners.

With a booming tech community and a business-friendly environment, Indianapolis is a strong choice for a technology services company to expand — but it’s not necessarily an obvious one. Then again, Appirio has never taken the traditional path when it comes to growth.

We expanded in Tokyo before tackling Europe — the inverse of the usual global growth model. We developed our largest office in Jaipur, a city with an incredible tech corridor and great universities, but not the usual cities like Bangalore or Chennai. And those are just our traditional offices and full time employees. We also have pioneered the use of crowdsourcing as part of our service delivery model, giving us the ability to instantly scale design, development or data science resources up or down as needed. With our global community of 850,000+ Topcoder members, we have more technology talent as part of Appirio than the top three global systems integrators put together.

When we opened up our Indianapolis office in 2012 and began heavily recruiting in the area, we quickly saw the value of being surrounded by more than 75 universities and colleges in the state – many of them known for their engineering talent. Appirio will continue to invest heavily in recruiting and hiring top Indianapolis-area graduates. Our Ascend Program is dedicated to bringing in world class talent from the midwest college ranks and putting them on a path to grow from raw talent into tomorrow’s leaders at Appirio.

However, taking the road less travelled isn’t without its challenges. When Indiana found itself in the spotlight for passing the so-called Religion Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) this spring, I, along with many others across the world, was incredibly disappointed by the measure and we put our growth plans on temporary hold. Thankfully, Indiana lawmakers quickly did the right thing and within a week clarified that the new law could not be used to justify any kind of discrimination in any way. I believe Indiana has put the matter to rest (check out the incredible “Indy Welcomes All” campaign), and I’m confident the city will continue to be a thriving business center for us.

We know Indianapolis will make a strong home base for global operations, and look forward to an even more interconnected future for Appirians, our customers, and our partners.


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