Appirio Cloud Management: Thriving with Workday

July 10, 2018 Alan Kaufman

Put yourself in this scenario; you’ve made the decision to invest in a robust application like Workday, and you’ve spent the better part of the last year working with your implementation partner on getting the right configuration in place.  You’ve gone through the rigors of testing, and then training, and then finally execution. And then … your consultants have waved good-bye, and you’re left to guide the ship … alone! Now what?

Welcome to the benefits of having the Appirio Workday Thrive team on your side. Once you realize how much time, effort, energy, and resources that it takes to stay up-to-date, you’ll breathe a sigh of relief knowing that you have engineers on three continents on your side.  With the assistance of your Customer Engagement Manager, you’ll be able to track a future on the product which will help you grow, while getting answers for your day-to-day questions.

How Workday Thrive team helps

  • Got a question? We’ve got an answer!
    • Submit a case through our Cloud Management Center, and a knowledge-filled engineer dedicated to your needs will respond soon.
  • Got an enhancement request? We’re on it! 
    • Growth in the application is merely a keystroke away.  Our process includes requirements gathering and confirmation, solution planning and agreement, both unit testing and user acceptance testing, and a final meeting to ensure your satisfaction.
  • Something’s broke? We’ve got the tools to fix it!
    • Does a day go by where someone in need doesn’t raise their hand?  That’s where we excel. Our experience and technical know-how are what allows us to see the issues, and know where to go into the application to resolve them. We sharpen our tools through constant education (Workday classes and Knowledge Bytes) as well as through the collective experiences with our clients.
  • Just when you thought you were getting comfortable, Workday rolls out a new version.
    • Our job is to assess the myriad enhancements, and provide you with the details surrounding those that impact you and your organization. Consider it our opportunity to soothe your concerns over this daunting semi-annual experience.
  • And let’s not forget those Key Annual Events:
    • Benefit Open Enrollments
    • Payroll Year-End
    • Talent and Performance Evaluations
    • Compensation Processes (Merit/Bonus/Stock)
    • Month/Quarter/Year-End Financial Close

Meet Thrive
If you’d like to learn more, we’ll coordinate a meeting with our other clients who have learned how easy it is to stay current while embracing the future.
Want to learn more about how Appirio has helped change the way organizations conduct their day-to-day business? Check out other relevant blogs on the Appirio Hub!

Gain “A Different Experience” of Workday’s ecosystem at Workday Rising 2018 (site coming soon). Appirio has reserved space to sit down with you to discuss your needs and help you discover how Appirio and Workday together can resolve your needs while providing priceless insights and boosting the worker experience. 

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