Appirio Cloud Storage 1.19: Featuring Local Backup, Data Loader, Storage Cleanup, and Easy Administration

September 15, 2008 Appirio

We’re pleased to announce the availability of the Appirio Cloud Storage release 1.19. This upgrade focuses on ease of setup and ongoing administration.

All customers are required to upgrade their existing Appirio Cloud Storage from AppExchange. The upgrade is seamless– you can update the package without having to redo any security settings, page layouts, custom object configurations, and without affecting any of your existing attachments.

Here’s some more information about the new package… more details can be found in our updated administrative guide:
  • Data Loader: Appirio has launched a Cloud Storage data loader similar what Salesforce offers– a client application that takes a .csv file as input, and will load local files into Appirio Cloud Storage as attachments.
  • Storage Cleanup: The Storage Cleanup utility allows you to search the Cloud Storage repository for files that are no longer referenced by objects in your Salesforce org. Files can become unreferenced when a parent object is deleted which will in turn delete the attachment objects (but not the files) automatically. Unreferenced files will not cause any problems or impact performance but do count against your storage space. Therefore, you can run the utility periodically or as you reach your storage limit.
  • Easy Administration: Redesigned the “About Appirio Cloud Storage” tab to include access to all ACS utilities– migrate new attachments, create a local backup for existing attachments, or cleanup existing attachments all in one location.
  • Contract Attachments: Added support for Contract attachments without the need to create a custom object.

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