Appirio Cloud Storage Local Backup Utility

August 18, 2008 Appirio

Appirio already ensures the security of your attachmetns by offering the built-in redundency of Amazon S3 + an incremental backup we maintain on S3 in case of accidental user deletion.

Starting today, Appirio Cloud Storage now provides a backup utility to enable you to download your content to your own local storage if you so choose. The utility provides incremental backup so that you only need to download new content that has been added since your last download.

The utility is simple – it collects all of your files into 5 GB zip files for you to download. Each time you run the utility, it will start a new backup from the time of your last successful backup.

Note that the backup files remain in a special storage area and count against your storage total. You may delete the backup files from this storage area at any time.

For security, only a single authorized user is allowed to perform the backups. By default, this is the user that performed the initial installation of Appirio Cloud Storage. If you need to change the authorized user, please contact Appirio Support.

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