Appirio Cloud Storage Update: Security, Encryption and Performance

July 23, 2008 Appirio

We’re pleased to announce a new version of Appirio Cloud Storage, featuring at-rest encryption of attachments, improved performance and reliability, and enhanced functionality, especially for Professional Edition customers.

All customers are required to upgrade their existing Appirio Cloud Storage from AppExchange. The upgrade is seamless– you can update the package without having to redo any security settings, page layouts, custom object configurations, and without affecting any of your existing attachments.

New Features

  • On disk encryption availability. AES 128-bit encryption for files stored on Amazon S3.
  • Load balancing for increased performance and redunancy
  • A new s-control named “Adjust Notes & Attachments List” that can be used to remove the “Attach File” button from the standard Notes & Attachments related list. This is useful if you still want to use standard Notes functionality. Simply add the s-control anywhere on the page layout, double click to edit it and set the height and width to 0 so it is invisible.
  • Improved help instructions regarding custom object setup
  • Now available for Professional Edition Customers, with improved help instructions

Issues Fixed

  • Better error handling and clean up if an error occurs during upload
  • Uploading while in console mode is fixed
  • Removed Clone button from Case Attachment page layout
  • Updated the View formula field to include the current version of the Salesforce server URL

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