Appirio Cloud Sync June 2012 Release

June 20, 2012 Appirio


Appirio Cloud Sync is a multi-tenant cloud-based application that synchronizes Salesforce and Google Calendars and Contacts helping to improve the value derived from both applications by allowing users to see a consistent set of information in both.  Appirio periodically delivers new features and fixes via updates to the application which, when released to production, are automatically available to all Cloud Sync tenants.  Note that some features require admin or user action to enable, and the details are covered below.

In this release there are fixes for both calendar and contact sync, a couple new contact sync features, and platform diagnostic improvements.


  • Calendar Sync improvements:
    • Fix for I-22983: Recurring all day appointments are now able to be synchronized without error.
    • Fix for I-24549: Recurring monthly appointments that repeat on specific days of specific weeks can now synchronize without error.
  • Contact Sync improvements:
    • It is now possible to select any target group in Google to sync Salesforce Contacts to, not just My Contacts or Other Contacts.  Access the Sync Salesforce to Google group setting in the Advanced Options section.
      • Note: changing this setting if contacts were previously synced to another group will not move the contact records in Google, they must be moved manually by the user if desired.
    • Contact filters now supports the Contains operator.
    • Fix for I-13595 and I-16082: Contact email handling now adjusts for cases where Google contact records don’t have the primary email address set.  This condition happens when using certain applications like Copy2Contact and Mac Address Book to create contacts in Google.
    • Fix for I-20375: Removing the contact phone number in Salesforce now removes the phone number when syncing to Google.
  • Platform improvements:
    • Diagnostic logging has been added this release.

For more information about Appirio Cloud Sync please visit the Appirio Cloud Sync Page

For technical support please visit the Appirio Support Portal and Knowledge Base or contact Appirio support via email at:

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