Appirio CloudFactor – October 2012 Release

October 17, 2012 Appirio

Standard Apps

Salesforce Action dialogs support Task Type

Note: these changes apply to Case, Contact, and Sent Email contextual email apps that include the standard action buttons.

  • SUMMARY: Record Email, Log a Call, and Create Task dialogs all show the Task Type field now.
  • TO USE: The default value will be the picklist value specified as the default in Salesforce, or Email, Call, or Other if no default is specified.
    • If Email, Call, or Other picklist values are disabled and no default value is specified then CloudFactor will use –None– as the default value.
    • The user is able to override the default value.



Salesforce Chatter Share Files and Links

Note: these changes apply to Case, Contact, and Reply to Chatter conextual email apps, and Chatter sidebar app.

  • SUMMARY: CloudFactor Chatter feeds now allow the user to share files and links on new posts, and files on new comments.
  • TO USE: Users can choose to share just text in a new Chatter post or comment, or when creating a new post can choose to share a file or link.  On new comments only a file can be shared.
    • When sharing a file, the user selects a file from his/her computer, and can choose to provide a name for the file to appear in Chatter.
    • Similarly when sharing a link, the user specifies a valid URL and can optionally provide a name for the link.
    • In CloudFactor feeds, users can click to open any Chatter links, or click the Chatter file to open it in preview mode in Salesforce.


Salesforce Chatter Show All Comments

Note: these changes apply to Case and Contact contextual email apps, and Chatter sidebar app.

  • SUMMARY: CloudFactor Chatter feeds will show the latest 3 comments on any post by default.  If there are more than 3 comments on a given post, there is now an option to expand to see all comments.
  • TO USE: Users expand the comments on any Chatter post by clicking the “XX Comments” link below the text of the Chatter post, and then click the “Show all XX comments” link to reveal all comments related to the post.


Upload to Box (new application)

  • SUMMARY: A new CloudFactor application is now generally available that allows users to save email attachments to their account.
    • New tenants have the Upload to Box app configured by default.
    • Existing CloudFactor tenants will have the Box connector enabled following this update.  It will allow users to create Box connections (read more in the TO USE section).
      • To reveal the Upload to Box application in the CloudFactor UI the administrator can add it to the list of Selected Fixed Apps configured as part of the Groups that are in use.
      • Navigate to the CloudFactor admin console as a CloudFactor administrator.
      • Select the Administration tab.
      • For each Group that should have access to the Upload to Box application, in the Groups page click the green gear icon next to the Group record.
      • Select the Fixed Applications page.
      • Move the Upload to Box application from the Available list to the Selected list.
      • Save the changes.
    • Another option is to configure a custom button on the Case, Contact, or Sent Email applications that allows a user to invoke the Upload to Box application.
      • See the configuration guide for details on how to configure a custom CloudFactor button.
    • NOTE: for any CloudFactor tenant that previously tested the pre-release version of the Upload to Box app by creating a custom CloudFactor app using code provided by Appirio, you should remove that application and use the new application instead.
    • TECHNICAL DEPENDENCY: CloudFactor email attachment functionality used by the Upload to Box app requires that IMAP is enabled in the Google domain and is available for the current user.
  • TO USE:
    • Create a Box connection: Similar to the CloudFactor apps for Salesforce, users must first create a valid Box connection to use the Upload to Box app.
      • This is done by opening the CloudFactor console.
      • In the Box section click the Add Connection button.
      • Proceed through the authorization flow to allow CloudFactor to connect to Box.
    • At runtime: Once a user has configured a Box connection s/he can use the Upload to Box app on any email that has attachments.
      • Select the Box folder: Use the “All Files (change)” control to select the Box folder to save the email attachments to.
      • Save files to Box: Drag one or more files from the Gmail list of files on the left, to the Box list of files on the right side of the UI.
      • Preview files saved to Box: Once the Gmail file is moved to the list of Box files and upload is complete the file name appears as a hyperlink.  Clicking the hyperlink will show the file in preview mode in Box.




Box Connector

  • SUMMARY: The Box connector is now activated for all CloudFactor tenants by default.
  • TO CONFIGURE: n/a this is enabled by default for each tenant.

Performance Improvements

  • SUMMARY: CloudFactor internal tuning should allow faster application loading and response times.
  • TO CONFIGURE: n/a, this is an internal CloudFactor infrastructure improvement.


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