Appirio Jaipur – An Oasis of Next-Gen Technology Job Opportunities

May 22, 2015 Appirio


As part of its aggressive global growth strategy, Appirio announced expansion of its operations by expanding to another floor and taking the overall planned capacity to 500+ people. This makes Appirio Jaipur the largest next-gen/hi-tech employer in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

The kind of growth witnessed by the Appirio Jaipur center is phenomenal and unprecedented for this region. In early 2014 when Appirio announced the opening of our world-class Global Delivery Center (GDC) in Jaipur, the team here decided to make it Appirio Inc.’s largest GDC outside the U.S. This latest expansion milestone is a testament to our earlier belief. Moreover, the Jaipur location is extremely aligned with our founder’s philosophy to grow alternative IT technology locations worldwide (e.g. our U.S. Delivery Center in Indianapolis or International Delivery Center in Dublin).

As part of our talent attraction strategy in Jaipur, we’ve always scouted the best and the brightest at all job levels, spanning from Associate Trainees and Senior Consultants to leadership roles. We typically target candidates with roots in Jaipur and that has served us well in a couple of ways: First, it created a mechanism for senior-level talent to come back home (bringing families together). Secondly, it brought our retention rate to well over 90%. As part of our organizational growth and development plans, we’re investing heavily into “Jaipur Academy,” the Learning & Development initiative that involves building world-class, robust, and comprehensive training curriculum to produce and groom Business Analysts, Project Managers, Tech Leads, and Cloud or Crowdsourcing Architects.

We strongly believe in giving back to society and as part of our corporate philanthropy program called Appirio Silver Lining, the team in Jaipur has engaged in various activities such as organizing a blood donation drive, visiting a primary school as part of “Future of the Cloud Day” or engaging underprivileged and disabled kids in pot- or birthday card-making competitions where prizes can be used for buying books/cloths.

In the past year, Appirio Jaipur grew by 100% and created job opportunities for 300+ IT/ITeS professionals in the next-gen cloud technologies through companies such as Salesforce, Workday, Google, and Amazon.

Appirio Jaipur makes significant contributions to the Appirio Service Platform that consists of Assets, Expert Services, and Crowdsourcing. The next groups of new Appirians joining us in the near future shall leverage the existing/evolving training infrastructure to quickly ramp up on the amazing technologies and will deliver best in Class, best in Business solutions to help Appirio customers triumph in the new global cloud economy.

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