Appirio’s Influencer Roundtable: New Software, Same Old Process and Methodologies

September 12, 2013 Jason Averbook

Illustration 3Yesterday Appirio hosted a select group of analysts, as well as Wall Street Journal’s Rachel King, at our headquarters for an informal roundtable discussion. The goal of this meeting was to have an open conversation about the evolution of cloud and HCM technology–why some implementations today are generating the same results as implementations in the past, and how companies are addressing this.

Overall the discussion was focused on cloud and HCM technology as a whole, bringing in the greater group’s expertise in the area. However, naturally with the meeting held during the annual Workday Rising event, Workday came up time and time again as a great example of next-generation (and transformational) cloud technology.

Discussion highlights included:

  • Is it truly faster to implement cloud-based solutions compared to on-premise solutions? Appirio kicked off the response saying that it is somewhere between 50-70% faster to deploy technology like Workday, than that of previous on-premise solutions. There was a sweeping consensus in the room that this was correct for “true” cloud solutions, and that the “pretenders” don’t make it faster or easier.
  • How important is it to create an action plan and strategy before beginning your configuration of the technology? If you don’t, you may be in danger of not taking advantage of the true capabilities of a solution on the market. For most organizations, the process of change components, along with a focus on true outcomes, makes or breaks an implementation–no matter how stellar the technology. It’s not a surprise that all analysts agreed with this statement. Planning outcomes is just as important as selecting the best technology on the market.
  • How have the roles of the business and IT changed? It is important for HR to play a stronger role in technology, breaking down the walls between functions. Today, every business person needs to be a technologist. As technology has changed, we all agreed on the need to increase the skill sets of HR to better leverage new tools and align them to their business strategy.

We are at a point in the market where we have the opportunity to create a new day for the HR and finance functions worldwide. We’re enabling them to achieve and exceed technology deployment expectations, compared to the “disappointments” that are seen by organizations still implementing legacy based solutions.

Now let’s break five generations of doing the same thing with different technologies, all while truly delivering the value our business leaders crave.

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