Appirio’s iOS Developer Community: Strength in Numbers

December 18, 2015 Steve Pruden


Appirio has always been about finding better, more efficient ways to get results for our enterprise customers. You can see this in our recognition by Forrester as having laser-focus on time to value through innovative approaches to implementating cloud technologies like and Workday. We also recognize that mobile devices are continuing to displace the desktop and laptop as primary computing platforms for our clients’ employees and their customers.

Our customers continue to face a growing mobile app backlog. According to Gartner, “By the end of 2017, market demand for mobile app development services will grow at least 5 times faster than internal IT organizations’ capacity to deliver them.” Gartner has also stated that many organizations are “questioning how to start app development in terms of tools, vendors, architectures or platforms, let alone being able to scale up to releasing 100 apps or more.”

It’s this motivation to deliver value quickly, coupled with the shift in enterprise computing to mobile devices, that led to the creation of Appirio’s iOS developer community. Earlier this week, we announced our plans to add 20,000 badged iOS members to Topcoder™ in 2016. These members will complete iOS training activities, pass peer-reviewed challenges to demonstrate core skills, and tackle real-world problems to earn top prize money. We will even be recognizing the best of the best through High Performer Badges — for those members with expert iOS programming skills through multiple submissions that demonstrate excellent results.

Our iOS community is the foundation for AppXpress, our unique platform that allows businesses of all sizes to start designing and building high-quality mobile apps for iOS today.

I’m fired up to see the strength of a 20,000 member strong community — combined with the elegance and speed of Swift — begin to chip away at the thousands of enterprise mobile apps sitting in our clients’ backlog lists. I’m also looking forward to seeing the best designers, developers, and data scientists in the world innovate through competition on the best platform for business — iOS.

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