Appirio’s Top 10 Blog Posts of 2012

December 28, 2012 Balakrishna Narasimhan

As we wrap up 2012, we can’t help but reflect on the amazing milestones we and our customers have achieved over the past 12 months. We moved our Headquarters into a sweet downtown San Francisco office space, expanded globally with new offices in Indianapolis and Europe, brought two great companies into the Appirio fold in Saaspoint and Knowledge Infusion, forged greater relationships with our partners Google, Workday and Salesforce, added hundreds of talented employees, and to top it off, we had an absolute blast doing it all.

Along the way we shared our experiences and insights with you, our faithful blog readers, and we can’t thank you enough for taking this ride with us. So to celebrate, we thought we’d recap our Top 10 blogs from 2012. With 2013 rolling in, we plan to continue disrupting the Cloud ecosystem and posting material that is insightful, cuttingedge, and thoughtprovoking. So stay tuned for plenty more to come next year.

So with that said, here are the top Appirio blog posts from this past year:

1. Software Eats the World: Are the Global SIs Next?   
Cloud, social and mobile are changing enterprise software dramatically. Isn’t it time for new types of service providers to help enterprises power their business with these technologies? 

2. Einstein on Social Media for HR 
The challenges facing today’s leaders have changed.  Resisting things like the needs of Gen-Y workers, and the use of social media, or other emerging technologies is leaving “old-school” executives behind. 

3. Don’t Bring Your Junk Drawer to the Cloud 
Cloud applications and platforms provide a dramatically simplified way for organizations to run IT. But, in making the move from today’s applications to the cloud, organizations have to resist the temptation to export all the bad habits and workarounds that are built into their existing systems. 

4. Salesforce + Buddy Media…And Now the Salesforce Marketing Cloud 
What does adding Buddy Media to Salesforce’s solution portfolio mean for marketers? Where might they go next? 

5. Core HR – It’s Sexy and You Know It 
The core HR component of any HR strategy deployment is the lifeblood, the heart, and the central nervous system that can and should drive all other aspects of HR and people data around the enterprise. 

6. The CIO of the Future: Conductor not Controller
CIOs are increasingly relying on applications and infrastructure that live outside their own organizations. Going forward, successful CIOs will trade some control for the flexibility and speed that comes with orchestrating external cloud services.

7. Three Ingredients for Improving Open Innovation   
Having a worldwide talent base is critically important, but how we tap into that base, source ideas and enable innovation in our processes makes just as big of a difference.   

8. Ten Ways to Drive Cloud Adoption 
Adoption is the difference between success and failure for any technology project. Adoption is no less important for cloud applications than it was in the on-premise world. We discuss 10 ways to drive adoption and therefore success. 

9. One Small Step for the Cloud Industry, One Giant Leap for Appirio 
Appirio announces a $60 million investment led by global growth investor General Atlantic – more than 3x what we have previously raised as a company to date 

10. Where to Spend in 2013? 
As we move into 2013, there are three key areas must be top of mind for all HR leaders looking at their spend in 2013 and beyond. Curious what they are?

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