Appirio Sync – Important Update

April 6, 2009 Appirio

Due to the immense popularity of our Sync products for Salesforce and Google, we are going to update our infrastructure to help confirm that continued usage of our products remains seamless. Part of our installation process requires that our customer either (1) Whitelist our IP address, or (2) Login with the Salesforce Security Token, to activate the product. Salesforce security measures require this activation. A few of our longstanding accounts may be currently activated via whitelisting a legacy server IP address that we will be taking offline. To ensure continued success with Appirio‘s sync products, please note our following user solution: Appirio Sync – Granting Access. This guide will detail how to grant access to Appirio‘s products by whitelisting the correct IP address, or using your Salesforce Security Token.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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