Appirio Thrive: Google G Suite Domain Management

July 16, 2018 Rancho Iyer

Each organization has a vision for accelerated growth, whether that be setting a roadmap or improving the Worker Experience. Fortunately for our clients, Appirio’s Cloud Management team (we call them THRIVE) serves as an extension to the client’s internal IT teams, helping to map a vision statement that works with the available processes and G Suite features. Because of our THRIVE resources, obstacles in meeting roadmapped goals, are resolved using custom solutions. 

Appirio’s technical team can access a vast library of assets and tools to aid in automating daily tasks for Admins, or Users. We’ve found that mutual success can be achieved through effectively managing each client’s internal initiatives and through continued advocacy.

Security threats 

Administrative access to email accounts can be a powerful position within the office hierarchy. This role impacts not only the user, but the organization as a whole. G Suite administrators have the ability to foresee gaps and then strengthen email security when they appear. 

Unfortunately, security threats can slip through the cracks. While investigating a recent security issue, the Google Product team discovered that several organizations were responsible for unintentional sensitive data leaks. Some other companies appeared vulnerable for future leaks. 

Appirio’s Google THRIVE team searches for vulnerabilities to support the office G Suite administrator. We start off by providing customers with a security assessment during the initial transition period. We take our capabilities further during implementation by sitting down with our clients and G Suite domain administrators, to help them understand and digest newly-released features. Not only do we share security information with our customer administrators, we also take the time to show them the benefits of enabling those features — to keep company domains secure. 

User-friendly change management protocols 

Besides offering an enhanced technical support that covers critical issues on a 24-7 basis, our Google THRIVE team offers expert advisory services in problem-solving — using a strategic solution that prevents future occurrences. Since each organization is unique, the Appirio team uses a wide range of options to solve the grievances and gap between the G Suite implementation and user knowledge. Our THRIVE approach bridges these gaps through a range of possibilities — from an automated solution to replace existing traditional time-consuming processes, to a detailed transformation workshop that empowers users to adopt new methodologies. 

We’ve found that the only way to affect long-term change is through ongoing reassessment and continued business innovation support. Through this continued support, our Cloud Management Appirians work hard to ensure that our customers are equipped with the tools they need to THRIVE. 

To read more about Appirio’s Cloud Management work, check out our recently published blog, Thriving with Workday. And we look forward to seeing you at Google Cloud Next 2018, where the Appirio Google THRIVE team will happily answer any questions you might have.

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