Appirio Wins Global Systems Integrator of the Year at Conga Connect

April 24, 2019 Lia Parisyan

This afternoon, Conga announced Appirio as the winner of their Global Systems Integrator of the Year award for Salesforce digital transformation powered by Conga DX. The distinction recognizes Appirio’s innovative use of Salesforce and Conga technologies to achieve business transformation for their customers. 

Appirio helps businesses harness the power of transformational technologies. 

One key project that integrated Salesforce and Conga DX was Appirio’s implementation of Conga Contracts for the Deluxe Corporation, a leading small business partner and advocate in the Financial Administration space. Appirio successfully launched this technology for 20 users who negotiate and prepare contracts for Deluxe. 

Before Conga Contracts, the Deluxe contracts team could not prepare or negotiate contracts directly in Salesforce. They relied on 11 templates and over 300 clauses in their Clause Library. Conga Contracts improved contract visibility and tracking, including special terms and conditions, simplifying and streamlining the contract creation and negotiation process throughout the entire customer relationship lifecycle. 

Conga is excited to award Appirio with our Global SI of the Year Award. 2018 was an excellent year for our partnership and for our joint clients who benefit from Appirio’s customer-centric approach and Conga’s best-of-breed solutions. - Ken Cavallon, VP of Corporate Business Development

Appirio was also recognized for its groundbreaking work with a leading education publisher, who did not have a centralized solution for pricing, quoting, and managing contracts. The publisher was seeking to improve their Quote to Cash process through a frictionless digital solution.  

To help the publisher achieve their transformation goals, Appirio successfully implemented Conga Contracts for 50 users who were using five templates across three business groups. Appirio integrated Conga Contracts and Salesforce CPQ to streamline the contract lifecycle management process - complete with versioning and redlining capabilities. This integrated solution has reduced the sales cycle, increased deal sizes, and enhanced the accuracy in quotes through a centralized system in which users can easily price different products, apply discounts, and create contracts with end-to-end visibility. 

Appirio couldn’t be prouder to be recognized as a leading business modernization, innovation, and digital transformation partner for Conga and Salesforce customers. To learn more about the innovative work we’re doing with Conga DX, get in touch with one of our award-winning experts. 

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