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April 27, 2015 Chris Barbin


Disruptive. That is the word most often associated with Apple. From computers and music, to watches and healthcare, any industry they touch is forever transformed for the better. Apple might be best known for the advancements they’ve brought to consumers, but when you think about their potential in the enterprise, it’s only just begun.

The iPhone is used in 97% of Fortune 500 companies, and 90% of tablet activations in corporations are iPads. Among business application activations, 90% were on Apple’s iOS operating system. If you look at these stats, there is no question that Apple devices dominate the market for enterprise mobility. You can imagine the size of the market and potential for apps that exploit those devices inside and outside corporate walls – including the 135 million iPhones and 34 million iPads that were purchased over the last six months.

Today Apple mentioned in their earnings call they’re partnering with a number of companies to bring iOS solutions to market to capture the enterprise. Appirio is thrilled to be one of these partners, and to be working with Apple to give enterprises the guidance and resources they need to create high-quality iOS apps that take full advantage of Apple devices.

It’s a natural match. Eight years ago we founded Appirio with a similar focus on innovation and disruption, specifically targeting the traditional enterprise IT services space. Since that time, we’ve helped more than 800 enterprise customers use cloud computing and enterprise crowdsourcing to transform their businesses, and completed hundreds of mobile projects for customers around the world. We’re excited to bring these credentials and the strength of the crowd to provide Apple customers with more effective mobile strategies and the specialized skills to execute on those strategies.

One of the first things we’ll be doing to drive mobile innovation in the enterprise with Apple is to give customers a single place to build enterprise-grade iOS apps. There are many companies that will want to work with IBM and Apple through that relationship, but we believe there are many businesses that want a different, more agile or even a self-service approach to building enterprise-grade iOS apps. Stay tuned for more in the coming weeks on this topic.

We will also be working with Apple to expand the global community of highly qualified iOS developers. Today, Appirio has nearly 2,000 active iOS developers and has plans to increase that number to more than 20,000 within the next year – especially in the emerging markets where Apple devices are making even greater traction.  We believe our rapidly growing community of 240,000+ designers, developers and data scientists in China and India, along with half a million more outside those countries, offer untapped potential not only for Apple, but for our collective customers.

Finally, Appirio will also be building out our mobile integration capabilities internally and in our crowdsourcing community to help Apple partners and their enterprise customers create a more powerful and fully integrated mobile experience. As the number of cloud and native iOS apps increase in the enterprise, we think there is a dire need to make mobile-to-mobile and mobile-to-cloud integrations easier.

All companies today should be taking a mobile-first approach to their business, and we believe iOS is one of the best platforms for building enterprise apps that reimagine how you interact with your customers, partners, suppliers and employees. We want to be the go-to supplier for all iOS development needs – whether it’s a customer looking to build an app, a company looking for a mobility partner, an ISV looking to integrate with other apps or an individual developer looking to learn iOS skills through our Topcoder community. It’s just the beginning.


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