Are You Really Ready for the Cornerstone Mobile App?

November 17, 2015 Brian Sabin


I had a client last year who was implementing Cornerstone’s Learning Management System. This client was very excited to hear that Cornerstone had a mobile app, and really wanted to include this as an option for their users when deploying their system. I was excited about their interest, as sometimes clients are on the fence about whether or not they even want to use mobile. As it turned out, the client’s IT policy didn’t allow employees to bring their own device (BYOD) to be used for work purposes, and employees were not issued mobile devices by the organization. This is one of a few considerations that need to be taken into account when planning to use the Cornerstone mobile app. On that note, giving employees the right mobile tools can be huge for employee engagement. So if improving the Worker Experience is a priority for your organization, that alone is a great reason to consider enterprise apps like Cornerstone’s.

Configuring the Cornerstone mobile app is as simple as checking a few check boxes, and it allows for the flexibility to limit access to the app for different audiences within your system. But, there is a lot more to think about than whether or not to turn it on or which features to allow. You need a readiness plan and deployment strategy. Here are some things to consider.

Organizational readiness

There are some questions you’ll want to answer as an organization to determine how you want to manage app access and support. These might include:

  • What types of devices do you support —  iOS, Android, or both?
  • Does your organization provide mobile devices to your users?  
  • Will your users be allowed to use the Cornerstone app on their own device?
  • What is your support process for users that need help when using the app?
  • Will your organization need to manage the Cornerstone mobile app with a Mobile Device Management provider for iOS devices?
  • How will your users be allowed to login to the Cornerstone app? Will they need to know their Cornerstone login credentials?
  • Can they register their device in Cornerstone and use a PIN? Will you support mobile single sign-on?

Mobile content delivery

Mobile access to online content is one of the features that clients are most interested in using. Using the Cornerstone mobile app, users can now search for and access several different learning object types without having to login to Cornerstone from a computer. This is great for users that are on the go and would like to take training while traveling, or for those who want to work offline when an internet connection isn’t available.  

But is your online content (SCORM/AICC content) ready for mobile? Within Cornerstone, making an online course available on the mobile app is as simple as clicking a checkbox, but not all online courses are ready for mobile. This has nothing to do with app compatibility. It has more to do with a course’s compatibility with a mobile device. Here are some considerations.

  • Do you have online courses that require browser plugins that are not supported by mobile devices? If your courses were developed by a 3rd party vendor you may need to check with that vendor to determine if they require these types of plugins.
  • Are your online courses developed to be responsive? Meaning, they can be played using a web browser and automatically resize to fit the screen of a mobile device. If a course is developed with a fixed screen resolution that can’t resize itself it will likely not work well with the mobile app.
  • What about user experience —  are your courses designed to be easily navigated and understood by your users when they’re using a mobile device to achieve learning objectives?
  • How will your courses affect employee engagement? Are they designed with the Worker Experience in mind?

Project impact

If you’re in the process of implementing Cornerstone (or planning to in the near future) and are considering including the mobile app in your deployment, what do you think? Is your organization ready for the mobile app? Are you already positioned to simply flip the mobile switch? Do you have the resources to make any necessary updates to your content and still achieve your deployment timeline? Will you need to consider building a deployment strategy for mobile?

There are several other great features offered by the Cornerstone mobile app that require little prep, other than what you will need to configure within Cornerstone anyway. In the meantime, you can find out more or download the app on iTunes or Google Play. If you’re interested in learning more about engaging your employees with mobile, check out our ebook The Future of Employee Engagement.


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