Ask the Expert: Cornerstone for Salesforce

December 29, 2015 Nicole Klemp

cornerstone for salesforce

Most companies know that learning and development is important to their organization, but figuring out how to successfully champion it and deciding which learning technologies to implement can be a challenge. We turned to one of Appirio’s learning and development experts to provide insights into one such option — Cornerstone for Salesforce — and explain how it can help Salesforce users improve employee and customer engagement and brand loyalty.

Meet the expert:

Gina Beyries is a Cornerstone for Salesforce Senior Implementation Consultant at Appirio. She has 7 years of learning and development experience with an emphasis on Learning Management Systems (LMS) across various platforms and verticals. She has worked on learning and talent management systems for clients like Facebook, and has a passion for enabling and educating clients on how to best position their training objectives with technology.

What is Cornerstone for Salesforce, and what are its key features?

Cornerstone for Salesforce (CFS) is a Salesforce/ native learning application for Salesforce-enriched ecosystems, and the power engine behind the Salesforce Communities training environment. It allows companies to track and train internal and external contacts by leveraging their Salesforce data. CFS is an easy-to-administer learning application, as it utilizes a client’s existing Salesforce platform.

What stands out most about the application is that it’s easy to install and configure, allows training to trigger directly from the 5 standard Salesforce objects, and — because it leverages Salesforce data — has robust reporting. CFS has a strong content delivery platform and a simplistic (yet rich) user experience.

How should an organization decide between a native Salesforce tool like CFS or an external system for handling learning?

CFS allows you to quickly leverage Salesforce data in tandem with training initiatives and content delivery without having to integrate an external application, which can require a large amount of configuration and ongoing resources. Users can easily navigate and consume training, which increases training productivity and enhances reporting results. Working with an experienced CFS partner can help companies simplify the implementation process and make sure they maximize their results.

How can CFS help companies reach their Salesforce external communities?

Companies can increase brand loyalty and customer engagement by connecting external audiences with Salesforce Communities and CFS. (Communities is a powerful platform for delivering a community branded space for customer and partner enablement.) CFS natively integrates with Communities and can deliver customized training to targeted audiences and correlate this to sales results. And unlike those of a traditional LMS, CFS learning objects can easily be exposed to community audiences for training content consumption and administration on demand. Communities can be used for internal teams — like sales or HR — or for general employee collaboration, by providing a rich learning experience for engagement in a branded, customized environment.



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