Ask the Expert: Jeff Grosse on the Lightning Experience

August 26, 2015 Jiordan Castle

lightning experience

Salesforce just unveiled the newest changes to their UI — Lightning Experience, a revolutionary look and feel for both new and veteran users. We asked Salesforce MVP Jeff Grosse to share his insights on the exciting new release and walk us through some of the finer, lesser known points.

23b1707Jeff Grosse is Appirio’s Salesforce Service Cloud Practice Lead. He is a certified Salesforce Administrator, Advanced Administrator, Developer, Service Cloud Consultant, Sales Cloud Consultant, and self-proclaimed Evernote and Disney freak.


  1. What can users expect from the new Salesforce UI?

JG: Expect flexibility like never before. Pages just look good, right out of the box. Even custom objects look great. Data jumps out and speaks to you — whether on the top line of a report, headers for a record, or activity timelines. The data is more readable and feeds what you need to be working on, which enables users to focus on the right things. Think about how different the Kanban view of Opportunities is. With the new Salesforce UI, you can see exactly where all your deals are. You won’t likely forget a deal that may have fallen out of sight in traditional List Views.

  1. In your opinion, what are some of the greatest improvements to the new UI?

JG: Reports, dashboards, and List Views are amazing. They’ll take a little getting used to, but the new charting engine borrowed from Wave Analytics makes your data easier to visualize and act on. Once you get past the out-of-the-box features (which are numerous and exciting), you can move to optimizing the experience further with Lightning Components. It’s like Legos for Salesforce, letting you combine this gadget with that doodad to get work done more efficiently. It’s also never been easier to understand just where you are and what to do next in Opportunities.

Also, I think Sales Path is going to excite so many people. And seeing features right in the Today/Home page view of Salesforce — “what you need to do” — is killer. Features like reminding a salesperson that they haven’t had any activity on an Opportunity for 30 days are fantastic.

  1. Is Lightning Experience available to the general public or a select audience?

JG: Lightning Experience is really inclusive. You don’t have to use every feature, but it works right away. Sure, you can roll it out to a small audience first, but anyone looking over the shoulder of those in Lightning Experience are certainly going to ask for their chance to try it. In the meantime, users have the option to switch back and forth, but I’m guessing they’re rarely going to go back to Classic.

The great thing is that this new framework lets every administrator implement Lightning Components to enhance the utility of Salesforce, regardless of their development skills. It won’t take long to get used to, and Salesforce users are going to eat the efficiency up and beg to take things further using this framework. Admins will again be made heroes and Salesforce’s commitment to continued enhancements 3 times a year will continue the innovation faster than you’d imagine. Essentially, if you’re not satisfied with the flexibility of this first release, just wait 3 months. Spring ‘16 will be here soon and those 3 months of living with a more “modest rollout” of Lighting will be blown up with tons more functionality and flexibility.


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