Becoming a Dominant Force

November 7, 2016 Hiral Chandrana

Our clients are driving richer customer engagements; they want the ability to reach customers along every step of their journey, serve customers in key mobile moments, and give practitioners the tools to manage these experiences. In addition, the new generation of employees are driving the need for digital workplaces that include agile working environments fueled by content rich applications. Not only are businesses realizing the need for better Customer and Worker Experiences — they’re doing so in a market that demands rapid, scalable, consumption-based business services that deliver accelerated outcomes, increased market share, and revenue with higher efficiencies.

That’s a tall order.


The union of Wipro and Appirio is coming at a perfect time as enterprises look to accelerate their transformations across the value chain. When I met Chris Barbin, Appirio’s CEO, a few months back, we clearly had more than United Airlines and the Chicago Cubs  in common. What stood out was his passion to make things happen — with speed. As I got to know the broader Appirio leadership and team, I was convinced the complementary strengths of both Wipro and Appirio will create a formidable force.

Our vision and ambition can best be articulated through 4 goals, now achievable through our combined power:

We will revolutionize the way businesses think of Customer and Worker Experience. Our customers’ business models are changing as they meet the demands of becoming truly digital enterprises. Wipro’s global scale and Appirio’s proven track record of delivering cloud solutions to enterprises will unlock new business models that allow our customers to deliver superior experiences for both their workers and customers. Customers expect partners to have both deep domain knowledge and technology expertise, and this union combines the best of both.

We will become the dominant player in the cloud industry. Appirio was an early evangelist of cloud, leading the marketplace long before cloud became mainstream. They bring deep implementation credentials, a differentiated go-to-market strategy with IP assets across Salesforce and Workday. This, together with Wipro’s industry expertise, and ‘as a service’ solutions puts us in a unique position to become the partner of choice for our clients.

We will become an end-to-end partner through our strengthened strategic partnerships. Appirio’s investments and success in delivering Salesforce, Workday, and Cornerstone engagements have made them a leading partner across the CRM and HCM space. Wipro’s broad capabilities in design, consulting, testing, security, integration, and surround application services now provides a one hand to shake for enterprises looking for an end-to-end SI for front to back office transformation. Both Wipro and Appirio enjoy deep and strong relationships with marquee clients and now those same clients can expect significantly more value.

We will double down on our culture. Wipro and Appirio share a competitive drive and a relentless commitment to innovation. Passion, integrity, customer-centricity, team, and fun are common elements in our DNA. Together, we can become the number one place to work by attracting and retaining the best minds in the business, affecting positive change through our passion of corporate philanthropy, and truly disrupting the industry to unlock transformative synergies.

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