Better Customer Service Interactions With Salesforce LiveMessage

March 7, 2017 Rachel Illingworth

Every contact we have with a customer influences whether or not they’ll come back. We have to be great every time or we’ll lose them. ~ Kevin Stirtz

Customer Experience is a driving force to the success of any business. Every year, thousands of companies spend billions of dollars building brand loyalty. With Salesforce’s new LiveMessage on Service Cloud Einstein, customer service agents can chat instantly with customers, while simultaneously accessing their interactions and history with your brand — which leads to a more informed conversation between both parties. This more efficient way to communicate can lead to a growth in customer service productivity and strengthen brand loyalty, as customers see more immediate, personalized, and direct resolution of their issues.

Customer Experience, simplified

Customer loyalty is created through transparency, familiarity, and communication. To build customer loyalty in this new mobile market, businesses need to meet customers on their terms. And that means building better mobile-to-business capabilities. More and more, mobile phone usage is a driving force for how we connect. According to Salesforce, 64% of customers would choose to simply text to communicate, versus having a phone conversation. And, why shouldn’t customer service be as straightforward as a simple text conversation?

Through LiveMessage, customers can contact a business through whichever messenger application they prefer. This technology — obtained through Salesforce’s acquisition of HeyWire last year — was created as a platform separate from web browser chat functions. This means that the LiveMessage tool directly supports such platforms as SMS/MMS and Facebook Messenger.

Intelligent agents with context

Through the Service Cloud Lightning console, customer service agents can manage text traffic as fluidly and easily as phone, web chat, and in-person interactions. Einstein’s LiveMessage allows for the most information and context about the contacting customer. Just as with phone and web chat, LiveMessage opens a new tab every time a new customer uses mobile messenger to connect to the business. Agents can effectively manage as many as 7 message conversations at one time. This means customer service agents can address multiple customer issues simultaneously — improving efficiency and getting customer issues resolved faster.

With access to customer data housed in the Service Cloud Einstein platform, agents are better equipped to help the customers they’re chatting with in LiveMessage, and gain better insights — and ultimately, deliver a deeper level of service — with the help of Einstein’s AI capabilities. And because LiveMessage connects through a phone number, agents can respond to customers across the globe in real time. With the LiveMessage addition to the Einstein service dynamic, customer service representatives are better able to listen to what customers have to say. By building better listening efforts, LiveMessage allows businesses to better target branding, forecast behaviors (like growing your Net Promoter Score), and strengthen the Customer Experience.

Utilize LiveMessage differently

LiveMessage can be personalized to your business needs in a variety of ways. “This can be bots for simple rules-based approaches, or it could be a real-time conversation or a combination of both,” said Meredith Flynn-Ripley, VP of product messaging at Service Cloud. Many companies have already chosen to use bots for simple requests and queries. Conversely, customer service agents may step in with answers to more complex questions. Even third-party

bots are as easy as a simple plug-in within the Service Cloud software.

Not only does it take less than a day to install LiveMessage into your business’ service dynamic, but results are immediate. Flynn-Ripley revealed, “Live messaging becomes 15-20% of [customer service] interactions in a matter of weeks.” Better yet, if a business already utilizes web chat technology in their service dynamic, those agents won’t need any additional training in the LiveMessage tool.

LiveMessage allows your company the simplicity of connecting to customers intelligently, and can help you create a more personalized, seamless experience. Investing in better technologies for customer service teams is an integral part of building industry-leading customer and worker experiences.

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