Blogging for WIRED Innovation Insights: Workplace 2020

October 10, 2013 Michael George

Workplace 2020I’m not entirely sure who coined the term Workforce 2020, or why the year 2020 holds such great significance along the workforce evolutionary timeline. Whatever the case, 2020 — which seemed so far off just a few years ago — is now barreling toward us. So what’s different about 2020?

Digital natives are entering the workforce en masse, and by 2020 many of the old school, pen and paper types will be on the way out. The relationship between employee and employer is also changing. If you want folks to stick around you’d better at least match the kind of tools and technology on the job that they have access to at home. Pair this relentless consumer-grade expectation for mobile, social and globally accessible tools with ubiquitous access to work, and you can see the perfect storm that is challenging HR and IT leaders to deploy technology solutions to attract, retain and manage their workforce while creating a collaborative, engaging employee experience.

To prepare for the globally distributed, highly collaborative, always on-the-go 2020 workforce, you need to start building the kind of workplace that can harness all this new technology. We call it Workplace 2020. One of the most impactful places to start is changing the way your company plans for, hires and engages its talent by understanding what is already possible with today’s cloud, mobile and social technologies.

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