Bright Lights, Big City! Takeaways from Salesforce World Tour New York

May 10, 2019 Annie Albrecht

Salesforce welcomed thousands of customers and partners to this year's World Tour in New York City. The day began with a keynote from Salesforce EVP & GM of Sales Adam Blitzer. Gathered with a crowd around a “campfire,” Blitzer shared customer stories and the company’s values. He described how the company is making a difference in the lives of small and large businesses as well as giving back to the community. 

Adam Blitzer Session Salesforce World Tour New York

One of Salesforce biggest company values is something they’ve stood by since they began the company about 20 years ago, which is the 1-1-1 model.   

Give back:

  • 1 percent of time to the community   
  • 1 percent of equity the company makes   
  • 1 percent of software to nonprofit organizations 

So far, Salesforce has given 4 million volunteer hours, $250 million to charities in need, and 40,000 licenses to nonprofits. They have also inspired 9,000 other companies to adopt the 1-1-1 company model!  

After some amazing hands-on demos from a few other Salesforce speakers, it was time for breakout sessions. Mickela and Annie, two Appirians who attended World Tour, focused on learning more about the Financial Services vertical to gain more insight into Salesforce’s latest and greatest products for Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance.   

The breakout sessions 

The great thing about the breakout sessions Is that there’s a session for everyone. From “breaking down silos” to “understanding your org” to effectively using industry-focused clouds, the presenters provide real-life examples and interactive demos that engage listeners and help them understand how to seamlessly integrate their solutions into their businesses. 

Salesforce really understands the pain points and needs of each individual industry. Whether you’re a multi-billion dollar global company or you just started a business in your garage, there’s a solution made for you! 

Another key takeaway was the sense of community and collaboration in NY. Like-minded people, who want to be productive and innovative with the help of Salesforce and other amazing technologies, are partnering for even greater impact.   

Eye-opening quotes and statistics  

“90 percent of millennials use mobile banking more than they use bank branches. Customers are going to companies who put them at the center of their universe.” - Adam Blitzer  

At the Financial Services Cloud (FSC) breakout, a third-party researcher reported that a company who implemented FSC saw a 147% return on investment, compared to their competitors who didn’t implement this cloud.

Looking ahead, in Summer ‘19 Salesforce is releasing the Lightning Scheduler. It’s important to note the difference from the Field Service Scheduler (both are add-ons for existing Salesforce users). The Lightning Scheduler is used for internal employees (e.g. Financial Planners, bank tellers) to schedule an appointment with a customer. The Field Service Scheduler is for outbound requests like maintenance on a bank ATM. 

After Party Reception with Appirio & Salesforce 

Appirio and Salesforce Drinking Straws in a Cocktail Rock Glass on a Rooftop BAr

After a full day of keynotes and breakouts, Appirio hosted a cocktail reception at High Bar in Midtown with our sponsor Salesforce! This amazing location offered panoramic views of the city:  We could see the Empire State Building and even Lady Liberty in the distance. We had a great turnout with over 65 attendees and had a lot of fun mixing and mingling on a rooftop as the sun set into twilight. Thank you to everyone who joined! 
Headed to MuleSoft Connect this year? Visit Appirio at our booth or speaking sessions! 

Article written and photos contributed by Annie Albrecht, GTM Manager - BFSI. Reception and Venue organized by Mickela Miller, Field Marketing Specialist. Thanks for having us NYC. We look forward to seeing you at our next event. 

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Annie Albrecht

Annie Albrecht is a Go-To-Market Specialist at Appirio. She owns the vertical marketing strategy & outbound marketing activities for Appirio’s Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance (BFSI) practice.

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