Business Agility, The Cloud and The Future of HR Technology

December 4, 2012 Jason Averbook

HR has finally reached a point in its maturity where the only way for it to meet the demands of the business in a strategic way is if it leverages the “cloud” to increase its capabilities and decrease the demands on legacy IT functions. Cloud computing isn’t just the next “follow the shiny penny” trend, it’s the enabler that will finally help HR make the shift from counting heads to making heads count, and will be the DNA of what differentiates one HR and talent function from the other for years to come.

Yet many HR leaders still struggle to understand the cloud, what it stands for, and the fact that it isn’t only a technology, but a component of doing business if you want to stay competitive in today’s market.

On Tuesday, December 4th, we will be hosting our annual, “The Changing World of HR Technology” webinar to discuss exactly this. In this 90-minute interactive session we’ll talk about some of the major changes occurring in both HR and technology globally, how those shifts are accelerating, and how HR and IT leaders can prepare, take action and ride the coattails of these changes to make an true business impact.

Here are just a few of the topics we’ll discuss:

  • Why the audience for today’s HR technology is not the HR function, but the workforce – and a workforce that is mobile, social and connected like never before.  This has huge repercussions for the business, the HR function, and the systems and processes that support it. Today’s workforce will no longer be adequately served by your grandparent’s HR technology.
  • How the cloud, as a platform, can drive agility, configurability, employee adaptability and process centricity – the key characteristics that HR has been missing in its goal to be a strategic business partner. The cloud allows IT to focus on the integration and process and user interaction level without worrying about the back office maintenance of an enterprise system.
  • Why analytics and metrics – the “holy grail” for HR – will only be achieved at the levels needed when HR changes its operating model around technology from one that is customized and coded to one that is flexible and agile.

These and other topics such as big data, rearchitecting talent management and the changing world of social in the workforce will all be covered in this interactive and educational event. Register here for dial-in details. I look forward to hearing your questions!

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