Celebrating Awesome Moms at Appirio

May 13, 2019 Molly Lauck

Where would we be without our moms? They’re one of a kind, and we don’t thank them enough!  So we dedicate this blog to our working moms at Appirio! Here we’re sharing some favorite stories as well as a few secrets on how they manage to do it all. 

EJ Oelling
Senior Director of Field Marketing

If you ask Zoe what I do for a living, she will tell you I am a party planner and travel a lot. Here’s a great story from when  Zoe was in second grade: She told her teachers that both me and Brandon (her Dad and an ex-Appirian) didn't have jobs because we were in our lounge clothes all day. The teacher called us in to make sure everything was ok at home. We had to reassure her that we both worked remotely -- hence the reason some days we stayed in our PJs!

Shaki Krishnamoorthy
Global Practice Head - MuleSoft/Einstein Analytics 
Appirio, Inc.

Personally, I’m passionate about travel. I have had the opportunity to visit 44 countries in the last 20 years, vacationing with my beautiful family. I always aspire to be a role model mother to my children and an influencer; at the same time I'm self-driven to achieve my career goals. Balancing the role of being a “career woman” and a Mom has never been an easy one.
As an Appirian the last 7 years, I have felt blessed, and I’m thankful to Appirio who has given me the flexibility and work-life balance. This enables me to be there for my children when they come home from school, help them with their school work, attend my girls’ piano/cello recitals and gymnastics competitions, celebrate their achievements, and volunteer as a Science Olympiad parent coach for high school students in Camas, WA.


Jennifer Odess  
Global Head of Business & Strategy

The truth is some days it can be really hard. The multi-tasking feels like it's at an epic level, and all you need to do is get your work done so that at 5:30pm you can feel like a mom again and give your family undivided attention. But when the kids come home from school, they don't care I’m working, they just want my attention. So what I did is develop a new (but fun) strategy to keep my kids from interrupting my video conference calls: I rock a nerf gun at my desk and am not afraid to use it!

Alexis Bradley 
Technical Consultant, Appirio Express Team  

My favorite working mom story is when my oldest was potty training. I was on a call with a client, and I had a nanny here at the time changing my youngest. While I was on camera and not on mute, everyone on the call heard my son yell at the top of his lungs, “MOM! WILL YOU WIPE MY BUM?” We all had a good laugh because it is life.
To all the other working moms out there, give yourself a break. Yes, it is exhausting. Yes, some days you want to pull your hair out, but we always make it work. Hold on to the happy memories because your children will, too.  

Melissa Garcia
Executive Assistant to Andy Chaudhuri - Global Head

How my kids would describe my job: "My mom works in the cloud and makes everyone's hotel reservations."  "She runs webinars which means we have to stay off the wifi."

How does Appirio support work/life balance: Being home for my kids to drive them to/from school, help them with homework, and go to appointments. I save time (and frustration) by not commuting, which means more family time later. Happy mom = happy life!

Embarrassing moment: My daughter used to play under my desk while I worked. One day I was on a team video call and accidentally kicked a toy farm, triggering a series of farm animal sounds. I was able to mute quickly, but my red face was harder to hide!

Mireily Backus
Director, Consulting Services

Being a working mom is hard but I wouldn't have it any other way! I can't imagine doing it in another company that doesn't give us the flexibility Appirio does. I've worked with him asleep behind me or on my lap! I've taken internal calls while I drive him to my mom's house where he is during the day while I work.  I actually transferred to the Express team for 6 months after coming back from Maternity Leave so that I wouldn't have to travel for work. Now that my son is older (2), when I travel I tell my son that I'm going to be getting on a plane and will be back in a couple of days and make sure I FaceTime him every day. He drives my mom and husband crazy saying, "Mommy plane" all day every day until I get back.

Debra L. Engels
Global Director, Change Enablement

I have had wonderful support from some brave trailblazing working mothers in my career, who gave me awesome guidance that I want to share:

  • Be present and prioritize: Look, interact, listen. This generation has so much more to distract you than when I was a young mother, but your child is not going to remember or care how many pictures you posted of them on Instagram. They will remember that you listened to them and heard them, were involved in their lives, and made your family a priority. 
  • Build a support system: You can’t do this alone!! Your support circle will save your life and sanity on a daily basis – especially during the middle school years!
  • Take a nap: When your family asks what you want for Mother’s Day – tell them you want a nap!! And do NOT feel guilty about it. A rested mother is a happy mother. I got my granddaughter Charlie art for her bedroom that says “She believed she could, so she did.” Truth. I also got a pillow for my daughter Libby (Charlie’s mom) that says, “She believed she could, but she was really, really tired, so she took a nap.” Truth.

Appreciate every minute because it goes by so very, very fast. Except maybe for the middle school years. That takes forever…


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