Check It Out – The CloudWorks April 2011 Release

April 16, 2011 Appirio

By Glenn Weinstein, CTO, Appirio

Yesterday, we went live with the April 2011 release of CloudWorks!

If your company uses for CRM, and you’re using Google Apps for email and calendar, then you need CloudWorks.

It’s fun to be part of an R&D team building a true multi-tenant SaaS application. We are running five-week sprints, culminating in regular releases that each contain great new features and enhancements that make our customers more productive. The bad old days of 1-2 releases a year (at best) are a distant memory! And when we release, all customers get the improvements immediately. Our release notes say nothing about how to “install” the new version. It’s a relief to not have to worry about all the permutations of upgrade scenarios our customers may face. Another ancient memory of an older era in software.

You can read the April 2011 Release Notes for the gory details, including lots of screen shots and explanations. It’s avaialble straight from the “Documentation” tab of your CloudWorks console. Highlights include:
  • “Edit” button on contact, account, opportunity, lead, and campaign details
  • Case app, for showing details about a support case inside any email with a thread id
  • “Push to Salesforce” button on Google Calendar sidebar app, to copy an event into SFDC and tie it to the appropriate records
  • Support for connecting to multiple SFDC orgs
  • Support for multiple email domains, if they are being managed centrally in one Google Apps control panel
  • Gmail app “decider” logic, allowing admins to configure which apps to show, when, and to which users (this moves more control from custom programming, to admin configuration)
  • Use of SFDC REST API
  • Black tabs, allowing Appirio support personnel to administer customer tenants
The Getting Started guide gives step-by-step instructions for onboarding new users.

We look forward to your feedback.

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