Cloud Powered Business Blog – Top 10 Posts of 2013

December 19, 2013 Jason Dent

TOP10As the year comes to a close, we’re taking a look back at our top 10 most popular posts of 2013. Here they are in no particular order:


Salesforce1: The Customer Engagement Platform for a Mobile-first World

Every year, Salesforce introduces their big theme for the year at Dreamforce. A few years ago, this was about becoming a social enterprise. Last year, it was all about becoming a customer company in an era of hyper-connected customers. This Year’s Theme: Internet of Customers.


5 Steps to Creating Employee Engagement

For those with low engagement levels, it is possible to improve employee engagement by creating a comprehensive effort designed to link individual contributions to the desired business outcomes for every employee, manager, and leader in the organization. Here are 5 steps to creating an engaged workforce.


The Coming Disruption: 2014 Technology Predictions from Gartner’s Daryl Plummer

With advances in cloud, mobile, social, big data, and crowdsourcing all happening at once and at incredible speed, it’s undeniable that the disruptive effect of technology has shifted both the way businesses are run and the way individuals operate. As we approach 2014, it’s worthwhile to evaluate the way these disruptions impact business and IT growth strategies, as well as individual behaviors within the business.


Reimagine Onboarding

Now that you’ve planned for, located, enticed and landed your star candidates, it’s time to get them up to speed and down to work. It’s time to onboard them.


7 Ways to Use CRM to Enable Your Sales Team

For any Sales Ops group that aspires to truly enable the sales team, here are 7 simple concepts that will enable greater success, predictability, and control.


Cloud, Technical Debt, and the Quantified Self

Even though you may be starting lower on the overall scale, cloud is not immune to the build-up of technical debt. In fact because of the ease of customization and the ability for your team to focus on value-add requirements instead of platform-related minutia, technical debt can actually grow at an accelerated pace in the cloud as opposed to older, less flexible solutions.


Beyond the Trends – 5 Wild Ideas that Will Change HR Technology

This article looks beyond the trends and postulates on five wild ideas that have the potential to change HR technology by 2020.


Reimagine Hiring – Aqui-Hiring, Lift-Outs and Purple Squirrels

With some brands so synonymous with innovation and “cool,” the best and brightest naturally flock there, right? Well, maybe to some degree, but even those organization are in a war for talent so intense they are doing some interesting things in hiring that you are probably not (but may want to consider).


Becoming a Customer Company: Why and How?

It makes perfect sense that Salesforce is reorienting themselves around the idea of helping enterprises become “customer companies.” Salesforce’s definition of a customer company is one that has connected customers, connected employees, connected partners and connected products. Customer companies use the latest technology trends – social, local, touch, big data, identity, ecosystems and communities – to better connect their customers, employees, partners and products.


Reimagine Employee Engagement: From Portals to Social Intranets

Today’s cloud, mobile and social technologies offer a way to expand on the idea of delivering HR information to employees with a set of robust tools that offer anytime, anywhere access to organizational information, knowledge, expertise and tools – all designed with the employee experience in mind.

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