CloudWorks March 2011 Release Is Here!

March 15, 2011 Appirio

Appirio’s Cloud Technology Group is very pleased to announce the March 2011 release of CloudWorks.

CloudWorks is our innovative technology for surfacing cloud-based data – specifically, your CRM and custom data – in a meaningful business context, such as your Gmail or Google Calendar.
Customers use CloudWorks to improve sales productivity through their CRM systems via better data quality, more updated pipelines, easy activity creation, and realtime information when and where users need it. They also use CloudWorks to incorporate custom processes, such as recruiting, timecards, expenses, even idea voting – right into their mail and calendar apps.
Put simply, if you have SFDC and you have Google Apps, you need CloudWorks.
The March 2011 release is a significant step forward:
  • We now have a full-fledged administration console, available from the More > menu in Gmail, or directly at Here, we’ve consolidated all of the developer and admin functions, as well as a new “My Settings” tab that allows individual users to inspect their SFDC Oauth tokens, and de-authorize or re-authorize to a new org.
  • We’ve added an email contextual app for Leads and Campaigns. Now, if you receive an email from a sender who’s not a contact in your SFDC CRM, we check to see if that person is a Lead, and if so, we’ll show you the relevant info.
  • You can now create a Contact in SFDC right from Gmail, anytime you receive an email from someone who’s not listed anywhere in your CRM.
  • This is our first release of production-quality documentation, including a Getting Started guide for end users, a Standard Apps guide, a developer’s guide for Building Custom Apps in CloudWorks, and much more.
Of course, CloudWorks is delivered as a secure, multi-tenant SaaS application, so there’s nothing to install or maintain.
Please contact us today if you have SFDC and Google Apps and want to try CloudWorks, or even if you have SFDC and are thinking about a move to Google Apps!

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