CloudWorks May 2011 Release

May 26, 2011 Appirio

By Glenn Weinstein, CTO, Appirio

Appirio’s CloudWorks May 2011 release is now officially available! All tenants will automatically see all of our new features.

Please see the May 2011 Release Notes, on the “Documentation” tab of the CloudWorks console, for a comprehensive review of what’s included in this release. Highlights include:

  • Configurable fields – you can now select which standard or custom Salesforce fields for display and edit on the Contact, Account, and Opportunity apps
  • Activity stream – you can optionally display latest Activities, instead of latest Chatter, for record details
  • App Chooser – allows users to select other CloudWorks apps in addition to the currently displayed matching app
  • Create a Contact – you can now specify Title, Phone, and Mobile
  • Debug mode, which allows users and Appirio support personnel to see detailed debug info to help diagnose problems
  • Prototype versions of CloudWorks apps for and Jive
  • Support for Salesforce orgs that enforce IP range restrictions
  • Better handling of situations that previously required users to clear their browser cache
  • “Quick Start” configuration for newly created CloudWorks tenants, to make it easier to create demo or test tenants

The Getting Started guide should be helpful for onboarding new users.

We believe CloudWorks is an industry-changing product for companies that are moving significant portions of technology to the public cloud, via leaders such as and Google Apps. Please contact us at, or visit for more information about getting started with CloudWorks!

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