CloudWorks September Update Arrives, Delivers More Benefits for SFDC and Gmail Users

September 15, 2011 Appirio

By Wes Barkwill, CloudWorks Product Manager, Appirio
Does your business use both Gmail and as part of the toolset for interacting with customers every day? Do you waste time going back and forth between the two apps preparing for a meeting or an email response, to save the details of an important email or a call, or to update a contact? Would you prefer if this was much easier to do?
If you said ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then Appirio CloudWorks is the answer.
CloudWorks helps accelerate productivity of organizations that use Gmail and SFDC by displaying Sales, Service, and Collaboration cloud content directly in the Gmail interface. We do this with cloud-to-cloud integration, not browser plug-ins or other client-side installs. This simple idea provides powerful benefits:
  • Be More Effective: CloudWorks displays relevant SFDC content in the context of emails and meetings you manage in Gmail and Google Calendar. You use that improved customer awareness to sell more and deliver better service.
  • Be More Efficient: CloudWorks allows you to view and edit existing SFDC Sales, Service, and Collaboration content, and even create new content without leaving Gmail. The time you save allows you to focus on the important work of building customer relationships.
  • Be More Social: CloudWorks delivers your Salesforce Chatter feed throughout Gmail so you never miss an opportunity to collaborate when working outside SFDC. You can access and add new posts and comments to the Chatter feed for individual Sales and Service records, your entire Chatter feed, and individual Chatter notification emails you receive.
  • Be More Agile: CloudWorks components are configurable and metadata driven so new fields in SFDC are recognized and can be surfaced in Gmail easily. Users see the changes immediately, there is no additional deployment effort or overhead. Cycles that typically took IT weeks or months can be delegated to business unit admin users and done in minutes.

CloudWorks has delivered these benefits since debuting earlier this year and the September update includes improvements that –

Make it easier to capture customer interactions:
  • Common actions like Record Email, Log a Call, and Create Task are available on Sent Emails and all Sales and Service objects now.
  • Email attachments can be saved back to SFDC in addition to the rest of the email.
  • Emails from prospects can be used to create Leads or Contacts now.
Provide a more consistent application experience with SFDC and a more robust platform:
  • Picklist field default values behave consistently with SFDC field-level configuration, and support a –None– value now.
  • Required fields behave consistently with SFDC field-level configuration, hardcoded required fields have been removed.
  • Checkbox and lookup fields are now supported in the CloudWorks field layout editor, and will behave as expected at runtime in CloudWorks UI components.
  • Other infrastructure improvements deliver a more scalable, secure, and faster CloudWorks experience.
For those of you already on CloudWorks we’re excited to continually improve what you already know and use every day, the next update is scheduled for mid-October. For those of you not using CloudWorks yet, please contact us, we’d love to get you setup to start receiving the benefits mentioned above.
For more detailed information about the features, fixes, and known issues in each CloudWorks release, please see our Release Notes.
For more information and to get started with CloudWorks today, please contact us at or visit

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