CloudWorks Summer Updates 2011

August 8, 2011 Appirio

From expanding our configuration capability, and allowing users to comment directly on Chatter notification emails in GMail, to improving application load times and administration console look-and-feel, the CloudWorks team has been busy this summer releasing significant improvements in June and August.

June highlights include:
  • For Service Cloud users, the ability to create a new Case from an inbound email
  • Configurability of fields for edit and/or display on Cases, Leads, and Campaigns
  • New “Reply to Chatter” app that shows you the full Chatter post/comment stream for emails that contain links to Chatter (e.g. auto-notifications from SFDC)
  • Pre-population of more fields when adding emails and new contacts to SFDC
  • Totally new CloudWorks Console look-and-feel user interface
  • Admins can now selectively license only certain users to see CloudWorks, instead of their entire email domain
  • Ability to override “matches” logic that determines if and when CloudWorks standard apps should fire, making it easier to substitute your own business-specific logic

August highlights include:
  • Performance optimizations to the CloudWorks platform will result in substantially faster load times for the Contact application after initial caching.
  • For the first time, CloudWorks now supports Internet Explorer 8 and 9.
  • Several improvements have been made to the Record Email feature to more accurately capture email details in
  • Log a Call and Create Task actions now allow users to set more fields.
  • Tenants can now restore the original ‘factory default’ CloudWorks application field layout and stream configurations when necessary.
  • Dozens of other UI and platform fixes improve usability, security, and reliability throughout CloudWorks.
For more detailed information about the features, fixes, and known issues in each CloudWorks release, please see our Release Notes.
Each release of CloudWorks improves the ability to make your workforce more effective and productive. Your staff has the benefit of having the right information when and where they need it in their email and calendar applications, are smarter about their customers and have better interactions as a result, and can easily capture outcomes and make necessary changes to keep your business information current.
For more information and to get started with CloudWorks today, please contact us at or visit

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