Computerworld on Microsoft vs. Google: The Truth from the Cutting Room Floor

December 1, 2010 Appirio

Ryan Nichols

Computerworld featured an interview today with Microsoft’s Tom Rizzo that featured a set of unusually bold (and misleading) statements about Microsoft vs. Google in the enterprise.  We thought it would be funny to take an editor’s pen to the interview, “marking it up” based on our real-life experience helping enterprises adopt Google Apps. You can see our full set of “edits” here, but here’s a summary of what really bugged us about this interview:

  • Misleading statements about Google’s intentions:  Tom’s comments about Google Street View, Google’s advertising-supported email service (which is different from their enterprise business), and Google’s vanilla terms of service are complete red herrings– no company that we’ve worked with to make the switch to Google has been impacted by any of these issues.  Companies that have “Gone Google” say that Google Apps is more reliable and more secure than the on-premise systems that they’re moving from.  And Google’s rate of innovation with its Apps portfolio proves that it is investing (and serious) about the enterprise. 
  • Misleading statements about Microsoft’s position:  Of course Microsoft continues to have dominant market share in the enterprise– they’ve spent years building it up, and are doing whatever they can (including giving away their product) to lock enterprises in.  Microsoft has yet to even make a fully competitive solution generally available– Office 365 won’t ship until next year.  And look at the leading indicators of enterprise adoption… what small company these days sets up shop and buys an Exchange server?  Google’s market share in startups and in higher education is a great leading sign of where the broader IT market is headed.  

There’s always a lot of debate (which we’ve covered in the past) about whether Google’s corporate culture is “enterprise ready.”  That discussion misses the bigger point— the corporate culture of today’s traditional on-premise technology vendors is no longer “enterprise ready.”  So enjoy our “truth from the cutting room floor,” shared here: Computerworld – Truth from the Cutting Room Floor

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