Counting Down Appirio's Top 10 Most Popular Blogs of 2017

December 28, 2017 Rachel Illingworth Koeling

“Should old acquaintance be forgot,

and never brought to mind?”

- Auld Lang Syne lyrics (English translation)

Reminiscing on past achievements can lead to further accomplishments. Recalling Appirio’s 2017, we have a better understanding of the Worker Experience (WX), the Customer Experience (CX), the capabilities we can offer from the Virtuous Cycle, and the benefits of using the cloud. Here are our most popular blogs from the last 12 months:

Best Blog of the Year awards go to ...

#10 - 3 Things I Didn’t Expect to Learn From Diagnosing Companies’ Customer and Worker Experiences

Read this blog if you want to understand the Virtuous Cycle on a deeper level. This blog is full of rich statistics and study results which explain how WX and CX work together to create an engaging and productive workplace.

#9 - An Employee Has No Name: The Game of Thrones Characters You Work With

Who isn’t a fan of HBO’s hit fantasy epic GoT? This blog spins regular office worker stereotypes into familiar and understandable characters, giving you insight into how best to gain engagement, agility, and productivity from your workers.

#8 - 5 Reasons Employees Aren't Satisfied, And How to Make them Happy

Did you know that only 13 percent of people report having job satisfaction? The majority of workers are already looking for their next job, so find out how you can engage them before they leave.

#7 - Our 10 Favorite Apps on the Salesforce AppExchange

Feeling a little lost about which apps will fit your company best? This blog reviews our favorite apps (as of March 2017). And … we’d like to recommend a few new ones— a Medical Device Order Management Lightning Bolt, and an Employee Community Lightning Bolt.

#6 - How Medallia is Removing Blind Spots from Customer Feedback

Customer reviews help companies better understand their blind spots and weaknesses, so it’s important that we understand how to read and address reviews. Read this blog for how Medallia can help build a transformative experience for customers.

#5 - 4 Types of Workers, and How to Manage Them

This blog begins with a "puzzling" workplace analogy and ends with explanations of the four types of workers in your office. After reading this blog, you’ll come away with management skills that work with every type of employee.

#4 - Ask the MVPs: 6 Questions About Salesforce

Dreamforce is an important event at Appirio, so it’s no surprise that a blog from Dreamforce made it into the top five blogs of this year. Heading up fourth place, this blog gives the reader a better grasp of the challenges and pitfalls that MVP’s face, while also providing a sneak peek into the future of Salesforce.

#3 - 8 Great Podcasts for Salesforce Users

Anyone familiar with podcasts knows that once you start listening, you’re addicted, (resulting in a near-constant quest for new podcasts). So it’s not surprising that this blog made it into the top three favorite Appirian blogs of 2017! Author Nicole Klemp shows you where to find her favorite eight.

#2 - 5 Myths About Women in Technology

As women demand an equal seat at the table, we must continue to combat inaccurate portrayals and beliefs -- this is especially true for women in tech. Luckily, this blog analyzes and destroys some major myths that should’ve turned to dust decades ago.


#1 - 10 Ways to Make Your Coworkers Happy in a Shared Workspace

What did everyone want to learn how to do this year? They wanted to know how to be a trusted colleague while working (and putting up) with co-worker’s bad habits. This blog outlines the best ways to be a conscientious worker.

Still want more? Here are the runner-ups

  • How Appirio Built A Successful Business Using Salesforce: We wouldn’t be Appirio without help from Salesforce — from pre-sales, to customer requests, to custom implementation, and delivery. This is an informative blog reviewing details of Appirio’s custom Salesforce implementation.
  • How Conference Ninjas Prefer to Tackle Dreamforce: Who doesn’t love a guide to getting the most out of the largest cloud convention in the world? This blog asks our Salesforce MVPs for helpful tips on getting the most out of Dreamforce 2017.
  • HR and IT Need to Work Together to Improve Onboarding: The onboarding period is a critical time in a new hire’s career, yet many companies’ welcomes fall short of impressive. This explains that handing a stack of forms to an employee is not onboarding. The key to a strong WX includes the onboarding process, so the new hire engages in the company culture from the first interview to the first day on the job.

These blog countdown results prove that the Virtuous Cycle is now in full effect. Worker and customer experiences are intertwined … and equally important to the success of your company. If you’d like to learn more about advancing your organization’s approach, let us know when we can schedule your complimentary Virtuous Cycle Diagnostic Workshop.

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