Creative Ideas to Business Results – The Power of the Cloud

November 19, 2009 Appirio

Today, we are proud and excited to have our work with Avon’s mark brand featured on the big stage with Marc Benioff. Nothing makes us happier than seeing our customers’ success and leadership recognized by their peers. Mark is the story of a creative idea that could not have been turned into reality without the cloud.

mark. situation and business need
Mark found that their customers, college-aged women, are spending more and more time on communities like Facebook. They wanted to use Facebook to encourage, manage, and measure word of mouth referrals, which is their most important source of new business. The mark team had a short timeframe and wanted to demonstrate the impact of engaging in social networks before making a significant commitment.

The solution: a custom application powered by (click to view a demo)

Appirio worked with the mark team to quickly build a Facebook application and custom Salesforce application to enable them to engage with their customers on Facebook.

On the front-end, a Facebook application enables mark to push new content and offers out to their community, and encourage them to make relevant referrals to their friends. A custom Saleforce backend enables mark to manage the content that they publish to Facebook and measure the impact of their social marketing campaigns. Our solution brings together the rich engagement features of Facebook with the powerful lead/campaign management and reporting features of Salesforce.

This is exactly the type of work we find energizing – a creative solution bringing together the best of multiple cloud platforms to achieve measurable business results. All in less than a month.

What this means for you is a powerful and open platform that can help you quickly turn your ideas into results. The question is how to get started and how to build momentum internally. Salesforce has made it really easy for companies to get started with their free edition which enables you to build apps for up to 100 users for no cost. This is the perfect opportunity to pick an application and experience the speed and power of building in the cloud!

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