Crowdopolis: The Boom in Crowdsourcing is Real

October 2, 2015 Clinton Bonner


It was a hot, midsummer day in LA and Mike Morris and I were struggling to find suitable parking on a sprawling university campus. We found our way to a fairly plain looking auditorium and took our seats amongst the crowd. We listened intently to some quality speakers talk about the topic of crowdsourcing. This event was the very first Crowdopolis, back in 2012. It wasn’t perfect, it had some rough edges, but the curator — David Bratvold — had a vision. He saw an intimate but powerful event, gathering those who were doing remarkable things through crowdsourcing to share their stories with a thirsty audience — one that wanted to understand how they too could use crowdsourcing to get more done.

I’ve been to every Crowdopolis since, and every year the event grows. Whether it be the hip San Francisco venue or the fantastic networking VIP pre-party that has become a staple of Crowdopolis, this event keeps getting better. The volume of enterprises presenting has swelled and the audience has more than doubled over the last 3 years. The quality level of the presenters, their stories, and what is being accomplished now through crowdsourcing continues to amaze.

Crowdopolis 2015 will be held in San Francisco October 6 – 8, and is setting up to be the best one yet. The presenter list includes industry experts from Lenovo, Facebook, Intel, NASA, Lockheed Martin, Microsoft, Kimberly-Clark, and many more.

Appirio’s CEO Chris Barbin is also presenting this year. His talk, Using the Crowd to Foster Purpose and Innovation in Every Employee, covers 2 big topics that keep executives up at night — employee engagement and innovation. How are top enterprises and government agencies using crowdsourcing to bring new ideas, products, and services to market faster? You’ll have to join us at Crowdopolis to find out.

For those interested in attending, we have good news. You can register here and use the code friendofspeaker to join us at Crowdopolis for only $194.

If crowdsourcing piques your interest or if you’ve read the stories and seen what crowdsourcing can do, you should consider attending Crowdopolis.


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