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October 22, 2012 Appirio

By Mike Morris (@mpmorris36)

Today at Gartner Symposium, we attended a great session by Gartner’s Eric Knipp (@erichknipp) and Val Sribar (@VSribar) on the future of application development. They discussed how most companies are still forced to spend a significant portion of their budget simply keeping the lights on, forfeiting opportunities to invest in new applications that would actually help improve business processes and take advantage of the Nexus of Forces (cloud, social, mobile, information). The image below illustrates Eric and Val’s point.

It’s unlikely that tight budgets and increasing op and maintenance expenses will go away, so how do IT organizations and business focus on these new projects? It’s our opinion that crowdsourcing is a great, cost-effective option to not only build out new applications, but also to support them.

For more than a year, CloudSpokes has helped businesses tap specialized development talent and pay for results, while providing developers an opportunity to cultivate their talents and compete for cash and recognition. Instead of trying to convince you of the many benefits of leveraging a community of developers, CloudSpokes is providing you the opportunity to see for yourself the value of crowdsourcing by launching a new contest for businesses to think beyond today’s pressing development needs and crowdsource an app that will make a difference going forward.  Given an army of developers, what would you build to transform a business process? If given the chance to turn the nature of IT from reactive to proactive, how could you change the pace of innovation in your business?

If you’re wondering what enterprise applications can be crowdsourced, take a look at this sample of development work that our customers have crowdsourced, and take note of the most commonly requested contests. One specific example is when a large non profit asked CloudSpokes to build a silent auction application. Based on a single challenge, the community delivered multiple solutions within 10 days. Instead of having donors manually bid on items, only to be disappointed when they lose out on something because they were outbid, the new mobile app alerts the nonprofit’s donors of new bids. Furthermore, the mobile application stores bidding information in a database where the data could be mined for further donations and auctions. This project, done in little time, made a huge difference for this organization.

The contest, launched today and open through Oct. 26, is open to business owners or IT groups that haven’t allocated resources to create a business application that they need or want. The submission that has the most potential to create business impact for the nominee will win a free, fully funded CloudSpokes contest.  Submissions are being accepted online and at Appirio booth #216 at Gartner Symposium in Orlando.

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