Dell Boomi and Appirio Help Companies Get the Most Out of Salesforce

September 14, 2018 Vivek Venkatesh

Dell Boomi is pleased to be an Appirio strategic partner. Appirio uses the Boomi platform to help its clients automate business processes across applications and to ensure data quality. Boomi customers work with Appirio for expert strategic guidance and implementation of cloud-based applications and platforms.

Boomi specializes in data integration, data quality manage, EDI integration, API management, and workflow automation. How do these technologies help Salesforce customers? Here are five ways:

1. Salesforce depends on data, and data depends on integration

To make the most of Salesforce, you want to ensure it includes the latest information about customers, products, shipments and other areas critical to your business. Much of that data probably resides in other business applications.

At Boomi, we provide the industry’s leading low-code development environment for building application integrations. Our cloud platform features a drag-and-drop interface for designing integrations, dozens of ready-to-use connectors, and a community offering shared integration configurations.

With Boomi, Salesforce customers get application integrations up and running quickly, making their Salesforce implementations more powerful and useful for employees and others.

2. Salesforce works best when business data is consistent and accurate

You might have contract data scattered across Salesforce, an ERP application, a finance application, and a support portal. You want that data — and every other type of data — to be consistent.

Boomi Master Data Management enables you to identify golden records for any type of data, so you can be sure that Salesforce is always working with the latest, most accurate data from an authorized source.

3. Salesforce is the industry-leading platform for sales data, which can connect directly to your supply chain and trading partners

For many organizations, the transactions being managed in Salesforce depend directly or indirectly on a supply chain and partner network. Boomi B2B/EDI provides a powerful, low-code platform for configuring EDI and other B2B connections and building B2B partner network integrations. Adopting Boomi lets companies manage all their integrations — Salesforce integrations and EDI integrations — on the same platform, connecting Salesforce directly and efficiently with supply chains. 

4. Salesforce becomes more powerful when integrated with events and services

A sales rep closes a deal. Who needs to know? Finance? Professional Services? Shipping? By building event-based messaging and other services leveraging APIs, an organization can make Salesforce even more dynamic and useful. With Boomi API Management, organizations can easily create, publish and manage API services, including services integrated with Salesforce. 

5. Salesforce touches a lot of workflows, and those workflows can be automated for increased agility and efficiency

Salesforce holds a wealth of data for your organization. It’s likely the central data hub to the operation of several departments, all of which have their own processes and workflows.

Boomi Flow is a drag-and-drop tool for automating those workflows, connecting one application to another, and accelerating the pace of your business. Replace ad hoc processes with streamlined, automated workflows to make even more of your investment in Salesforce.

Dell Boomi and Appirio together at Dreamforce

At Dell Boomi, we are thrilled to be working closely with Appirio again this year at Dreamforce, showcasing how our two companies work together to help Salesforce customers make the most of the revolutionary customer relationship management platform.

At Dreamforce 2018, you can find our teams together at booth number 1602 and 1606. In the meantime, if you’d like insights on Salesforce integration, check out our free ebook, The Ultimate Guide to Salesforce Integration. It’s filled with helpful tips, best practices, case studies and more about integrating Salesforce with other apps to build a connected business.  

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