DeVry University: Updated Technology for Staff and Students

August 3, 2016 Jiordan Castle

Since they opened their original school in Chicago in 1931, DeVry University has been dedicated to career-focused, real-world degree programs. Their programs are intended to fit any student’s lifestyle — be they full-time professionals or full-time students. Today, learning at DeVry happens online and/or in one of their 55+ locations across the country. For a school that promotes anytime, anywhere learning, easily accessible, real-time collaboration tools are a necessity for managing student interactions.


While DeVry Education Group has a history of helping students succeed, their internal teams were using an outdated RightNow solution to manage all student interactions, such as admissions, financial aid, clinical rotations, and communications. This outdated technology led to workarounds, data inaccuracies, and a lack of consistency and integration. The school’s rapid growth contributed to the increased need for self-service, specifically to create consistency in policy compliance and effectiveness in serving internal and external constituents.

Deployment: Salesforce Service Cloud

Over 8 months, Appirio deployed a single Salesforce Service Cloud instance for DeVry’s 3,000 users and DMI-Ross Medical’s 150 internal users. Integrated reports and dashboards improved visibility for case management for DeVry’s management team, in addition to simpler updates, like migrating all historical data for each education group over to Salesforce and creating custom assets that merge “standard text” templates into case comments, case description fields, and outbound emails.


Result: lower costs and better resolution timelines

DeVry’s Service Cloud solution eliminated 100+ manually merged queues through the use of automated workflows in Salesforce, further eliminating the need to remember numerous, labor-intensive steps. Not only were students were more satisfied with the introduction of service-level agreements (SLAs) and better resolution timelines; DeVry also saw significant cost savings on RightNow license fees.



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