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June 29, 2010 Appirio

Ryan Nichols

I was excited to host Mark Newhall for a webinar last week on the “Path To Cloudsourcing.” Mark is an expert at corporate transformation, often-times powered by cloud technology. He was a very early adopter of salesforce.com at Corporate Express, where he lead the global transformation of their customer-facing processes. As COO of Market Force Information, a customer intelligence firm, he charted out a 3 year roadmap to move entirely to the cloud, enabling a new growth strategy. He now leads Execution Specialists Group, advising C-level executives on business transformation strategies.

Our discussion focused on building, executing and measuring the success of a comprehensive cloud strategy. You can view the full webinar here— below are some highlights from our conversation:

Tell us about your experience with Salesforce at Corporate Express. Was the adoption led by the business or by IT?

Back in 2002, our initial adoption was led by the business. It started with a couple of sales teams who adopted Salesforce and started getting fantastic results. Of course, because of this initial success, we wanted to roll out Salesforce more and that’s when we started working with IT.

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