Disrupting the Mid-Market with Marketing Cloud

September 18, 2018 Curt Haverluck and Dustin Kile

The time has come: your current Email Service Provider (ESP) is not keeping pace with your organization’s goals and objectives. After doing your research, you’ve determined that Salesforce Marketing Cloud is the best choice to replace your current system — but now what? 

That buying decision is just the beginning of your Marketing Cloud journey.  The technology on its own is tremendous, but what really matters is to what extent it supports and promotes your desired business outcomes. Choosing the right implementation partner can make all the difference between simply “turning the lights on” or realizing transformative and sustainable change. Because there are so many potential partners with such a wide spectrum of competencies and expertise, there’s lots to consider when trying to find the right match.    

Take into consideration ...

Here are a few things to consider that will impact the your ability to maximize your Marketing Cloud ROI:

  1. Does the partner’s have a willingness and ability to understand your priorities within the technology, and also the bigger picture?
  2. Team with a mature practice (or how long have they been “doing this”)? Is this team trusted within the SFDC environment?
  3. Does your prospective partner have cross-cloud expertise? Are they able to be strategic and take you through other clouds as well?
  4. Is your prospective development partner willing and able to challenge assumptions as a trusted advisor?
  5. Do they offer a post Go-Live support option? The real journey begins the moment that you Go Live!
  6. Is your prospective development partner able to support you from a strategy perspective?

Empower your business

These days big business is not necessarily defined by size. Marketing Cloud has empowered businesses of all sizes to grow to new heights. Technology with the right strategy can overcome almost anything. 

Appirio was born in the cloud, brings ten-plus years of experience and expertise with over 3,000 cloud deployments — not to mention an industry-leading NPS score. This depth of experience has earned us Platinum Partner status from Salesforce and the credibility that goes with that distinction.  

Understanding your market

And while we are a Global Systems Integrator, we’ve also retained the boutique spirit that makes Appirio unique and trusted across any client and every industry. This is particularly true in our Marketing Cloud practice.  At first glance we might be perceived solely as an enterprise player — with all the positives and negatives that go with that. And while there was some truth to that in the past, the current reality is that we are making a distinct and aggressive commitment to Marketing Cloud in the Mid-Market. 

This renewed commitment toward our mid-market clients is an across-the-board initiative, including dedicated and local sales and delivery resources, a scaled and agile solution, and even post-production technical support. Our implementations follow strict and proven best practices.  

Upon implementation, we can fluidly transition to our unique and cost effective post-live support package, ensuring you have the right balance of functional and technical expertise to realize your desired ROI. Our overarching philosophy is to leverage our broad and detailed expertise to be your most trusted and strategic partner — in all phases of Marketing Cloud and across your Salesforce ecosystem. 

Want to learn more about how Appirio can support your Marketing Cloud needs? We’ll be at Dreamforce answering all your questions. Or you can access all of our Marketing Cloud resources on the Appirio Hub.

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