Dropbox Makes It Easy to Salesforce

September 25, 2018 Presented by Dropbox

Dropbox has partnered with Salesforce to help people get back to the work that matters. Too often, work becomes a grind. You’ve got too many meetings, you’re drowning in busy work, and your corporate tools are taking up too much time. That’s why we’ve built several integrations with Salesforce to help keep your team in sync, get past distractions, and free your team to do more meaningful work.

Organize your work

When you connect Dropbox with Salesforce, you create one organized place for all of your content. The integration lets you access and upload Dropbox files directly from Salesforce, right where the information is most relevant. Instead of constantly jumping between email, file directories, and work tools, the integration lets you bring content and apps together.

Next, because Dropbox syncs content changes as soon as you make them, everyone working in Salesforce will always stay up to date. Eliminate the back-and-forth email exchanges filled with file versions and email attachments. Stop wondering whether you’re looking at the latest version of a spreadsheet. With Dropbox and Salesforce, everyone stays on the same page by default, letting your team skip the busy work and focus on getting deals closed.

Fluid collaboration

The best tools also give you more visibility into your work and your collaborators. When you share Dropbox content within Salesforce, you can track what content has been shared, viewed, or downloaded. Instead of asking prospects whether they’ve had a chance to take a look, you can skip straight to, “What did you think?”

Finally, Dropbox and Salesforce are both committed to easier and more secure collaboration. With the integration, permissions between Dropbox and Salesforce are automatically mapped between the two apps, so you can easily control who has access to what. Instead of tweaking settings in two places, simply turn on the integration and get back to work.

Dropbox at Dreamforce

At Dreamforce 2018, we’re giving you a number of ways to see how Dropbox connects with Salesforce to help teams stay in flow: 
Visit us at booth #817 to meet the Dropbox team, try out some demos, and enter for a chance to win a prize.
Come to the Dropbox breakout session to hear real-life stories from teams using Dropbox-Salesforce integrations.
Schedule an on-site consultation with one of our Dropbox experts to get your all questions answered in a one-on-one environment.

For more information, visit our Dreamforce page on dropbox.com.

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