Electrify Patient Care Management with Appirio's Lightning Bolt for Salesforce Health Cloud

January 20, 2020 Craige Ruffin

Appirio recently released a new Patient Care Management Lightning Bolt for Salesforce Health Cloud customers.  

Doctors engaging with patient data

Is your healthcare provider organization considering a new implementation of Salesforce Health Cloud to gain a more complete view of your patients and for smarter patient management? Or have you recently implemented Salesforce Health Cloud and want to extend its functionality to realize goals around more connected patient engagement? If either applies to you, read on! 

What are Salesforce Lightning Bolts?  

Lightning Bolts are industry solutions built by Salesforce system integrators (like Appirio, a Salesforce Global Strategic Partner) to help customers get to market faster. For our new Patient Care Management Bolt, we’ve drawn on our past success implementing and enhancing Salesforce Health Cloud (read here about our award-winning work with Ashfield Healthcare implementing a cutting-edge platform that transformed their patient services). We’ve combined Health Cloud, provider-specific workflows, a new patient Community Cloud, and integration with Field Service Lightning to produce a Bolt solution that offers: 

A simple and guided onboarding experience for new patients  

Patient Care Management Bolt Profile Creation Screen

Authorized external parties can nominate a patient into your care program via a Community Cloud portal. After your team accepts the nominee, the patient will get an invitation to access a Community Cloud site, which provides a guided patient onboarding experience. 

Greater patient and family member engagement 

Screenshot from patient portal; mobile device screenshot of patient reviewing change in care plan

 Screenshot from patient portal; mobile device screenshot of patient reviewing change in care plan]

Patients can invite family members involved in their care to join their Community, view information about their care plans and appointments, and engage with members of their care teams. 

Mobile healthcare workforce enablement 

Mobile device screenshot showing appointment/patient info

Authorized members of your mobile healthcare teams can access information about their patients and appointments whenever they need, anywhere, on any device. 

Tailored patient communications 

Screenshot of page where patient sets communication preferences

Patients can specify their communication preferences, selecting the delivery method and timing that best fits their lifestyles. The Bolt’s communication engine integrates with your provider organization’s existing Service Providers (e.g., ClickSend) to send content in their preferred delivery method.  

Patient Engagement 

Providers want to see patients more engaged in their care plans, as that results in better health outcomes. And providers recognize they need to meet patients’ increasingly high expectations for more consumer-grade experiences when interacting with provider systems.  

Building on Salesforce Health Cloud, our new Bolt provides the patient with convenient, mobile-ready means to: 

  • Convey information needed for onboarding 
  • Define their preferred timing and delivery for plan communications 
  • Access care plan details and appointments  
  • Communicate with the care team  

Authorized family members can contribute to the patient experience via access to a Community. With a greater sense of control and increased visibility into the care plan, patients and family members are more effectively engaged. 

Mobile Workforce Support 

As finding qualified staff becomes harder and providers face more margin pressure, it is increasingly important to use staff’s time efficiently. And as technology changes to better support mobile access to data and industry pressures increase the volume of care delivered at a patient’s home, providers need solutions that enable mobile healthcare workers to provide quality care.  

By providing self-service solutions (for patients, for their family members, and for external parties nominating patients into your care programs), our new Bolt solution frees up time for your staff. With Field Service Lightning integration, workers have access to Health Cloud data on their mobile devices.  

Next Steps

Our new Patient Care Management Bolt adds to our existing inventory of over 1,200 Salesforce Platform Accelerators – reusable solutions that accelerate your time to value. Our new Bolt components can be implemented separately or together as part of a solution configured and customized for your unique business needs.  

We’d love to hear more about goals your provider organization has and think through with you how Salesforce Health Cloud, our Patient Care Management Bolt, and our other accelerators can provide a solution that’s both tailored to you and efficiently delivered. To learn about how Salesforce and the Patient Care Management Bolt can help home health organizations meet the growing demands of baby boomers and their families, click here.   

To schedule a demo of the new Patient Care Management Bolt or learn more about Appirio’s Health Cloud implementation services, please contact Jim Hand, HLS Partner and Business Development Leader. 

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Craige Ruffin

Craige Ruffin, Senior Product Manager for Appiro's Health and Life Sciences industry vertical, is a product management professional with many years of planning and execution experience for healthcare industry SaaS solutions built in Agile environments.

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