Employee Spotlight: A Q&A with Financial Analyst, Joshua Fleischer, Recognized as One of Indiana’s Top 25 Tech Builders

April 15, 2015 Appirio


Indianapolis, IN is home to one of Appirio’s most prosperous offices as well as some of the company’s greatest leaders. TechPoint, deemed the voice and catalyst of Indiana’s tech ecosystem, recently recognized some of those great leaders and contributors to the state’s thriving tech sector in their inaugural list of Indiana’s “Tech25.” This list designates the top 25 individuals who have been essential to the growth and success of Indiana’s tech community. These honorees will be recognized at the Mira Awards Gala in Indianapolis on May 2nd, 2015.

These 25 industry leaders were selected based on their exceptional abilities, contributions to the success of their organizations, and commitment to enhancing their team and the broader Indiana tech community. They are not C-Suite executives, but rather the unsung heroes who work long hours to develop projects that make a significant impact on the business landscape in Indiana. Joshua Fleischer, an experienced Financial Analyst at Appirio, possesses all the qualities of a great leader. He qualified for TechPoint’s “Tech25” and then some.

Joshua has a background in computer technology — with an emphasis on programming and analytics — but the world of finance was largely unexplored early on in his career. After attending a career fair hosted by Appirio, he quickly embraced the world of finance by leveraging his analytical experience and began working as a payroll analyst, rising quickly through the ranks. Joshua understands that a company cannot thrive and grow without properly compensating their sales team, so he has become known as the wizard behind Appirio’s complex sales compensations system.

Steve Pruden, Appirio’s VP of Mobility and Crowdsourcing, said, “Josh never seeks the limelight, but you can’t have a successful tech company without a person like him. They are rare and rarely rewarded for their hard work. He has become the go-to guy for all things finance at Appirio.”

Recently, we sat down with Joshua to talk more about receiving this honor and his great work at Appirio.

Why do you think you’ve been chosen as one of Indiana’s top 25 tech builders in this year’s Tech25?

What I’ve come to learn in my professional tech services career is that the core values of patience and careful attention to detail are important when it comes to building a successful foundation. I try to remind myself every day that the commissions process isn’t just about dollar signs. It’s easy to get lost in a spreadsheet, but I always try to remember that this money is what the sales team members are taking home to provide for their families. I feel that many of my team members would say that the personal approach I take in my work is part of the reason I was nominated for the “Tech25.” There is a greater importance to the money I’m handling and the need for our system to operate properly, so I do my best to handle my role with the highest level of care.

Often, the sales team members I work with seem to be accustomed to an unresponsive, unhelpful finance and payroll team. I don’t operate like that, and neither does anyone else on the team at Appirio. I also just find what I do really rewarding. I receive a lot of positive feedback from my colleagues at Appirio, which reaffirms my hard work and makes me feel even better about what I do. At the end of the day, being able to maintain the highest level of accuracy is my primary focus. My passion is in finding a way to take a lot of highly variable payment plans and transform them into a system that meets the needs of everyone. And that passion is not only acknowledged, but is also clearly rewarded at Appirio.

What have you learned from your roles at Appirio?

During my time at Appirio, I’ve really found my voice and my confidence. I’ve learned to speak up when I don’t agree with or understand something. I’ve felt empowered in my various roles to speak up for clarification as needed and not to fear voicing my opinion. The culture here is focused on a multi-directional learning experience, where everyone can learn from one another and no question is unwarranted. Similarly, I’ve learned not to be intimidated by my superiors. The environment at Appirio promotes open communication regardless of level, so I feel just as comfortable speaking to the CFO as I do someone on my immediate team.

What do you like most about working at Appirio’s Indianapolis office?

Everyone at Appirio, particularly in my department, genuinely cares, and that’s really my favorite thing. Everyone cares deeply about their jobs and the work they do. My colleagues are extremely supportive when I come across a challenge or problem that I can’t solve on my own. Even our C-Suite executives have this mentality. Additionally, I love that I hear laughter all day in this office, because at the end of the day, this is just a fun place with really fun people who genuinely enjoy each other.

What advice would you give to other tech innovators looking to make a difference or break into the industry?

The most important advice I can give to a young technology professional looking to make a real impact on the industry is to first find the things that need solutions. That sounds simple, but the fact is that there are countless hours spent thinking about how to innovate and be truly progressive, and to remain three steps ahead of everyone else. But often this leaves too much to be figured out in the in-between steps. If you can put yourself in a place to provide answers to the overlooked questions and take the time to build a robust and comprehensive solution, then you’ll find success in the industry. Ultimately, your success in this industry is defined by your desire to push beyond the limit of giving just 90 percent of yourself to solving a problem, and striving for that additional 10 percent and more. I’m especially lucky that I work somewhere where people recognize when you put in extra effort.

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