Empowering the New Workforce with a New Partner

February 7, 2013 Jason Averbook

I have the opportunity to work with some of the most innovative and creative thinkers in Human Capital Management today – people and organizations that are truly endeavoring to transform the way we work.

Transforming the way people work may sound lofty, but HR’s ability to make employees more collaborative, productive and engaged can have a huge impact on a company’s bottom line and overall customer satisfaction.  As the world’s largest cloud-powered HR consultancy, Appirio has a ton of experience helping organizations develop, deploy and extend transformational HR strategies, and putting that in lock-step with the HCM technology that brings those strategies to life.

Today we are excited to announce a deepening relationship with Cornerstone OnDemand, which is seen by customers and analysts alike as one of the leading cloud-based learning and talent management solutions out there. Read the press release here.

Many of you know that Appirio already serves existing Cornerstone clients with HR-related strategy services, but as part of this new relationship we will be building out our dedicated Cornerstone team, service offerings and supporting technology. This will become part of our broader HCM practice, and will be another tool in our belt to help companies transform the way people work.

We talk a lot about how cloud, mobile and social technologies have changed everything – check out a recent white paper we did on the impact this is having on HR. This shift is having a huge impact on the way employees find jobs, connect to their workplaces and grow in their careers. Cornerstone’s recruiting, learning and performance solutions were created with this evolution in mind, and our Cornerstone offerings will be a great complement to our other partnerships, and the existing work we do with platforms like Workday, Work.com and Force.com.

Appirio’s expertise and innovation can also bring great value to Cornerstone’s clients. If you’re a regular reader (or listener) of mine, you know how much I believe that the value of deploying any technology is only as good as the strategy behind it.  And to be clear, saving money, time, or effort is not really a strategy. This is why our teams focus on the entire lifecycle of an implementation, not just “go-live.” Our agile methods that bring together an organization’s strategy, technology and workforce means our customers are more successful and they see results faster.

I’m excited about our new relationship with Cornerstone, and our ability to bring together their great solutions with our approach to customer success. I can’t wait to see what we can accomplish together.

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