Engaged Workforce: Delivering a Delightful Customer Experience

August 15, 2018 Rashi Bajaj

The Customer Experience (CX) is important to Appirio. In our effort to put the customer first, we extend an open invitation to our clients to visit our specialized delivery centers where they can meet dedicated development teams in person and learn about our cloud capabilities. This potential visit allows our clients the opportunity to interact with the team on various levels — to discuss the tools, technologies, processes, use cases, and unique services Appirio provides.

One of these such visits to our Jaipur Deliver Center came by way of a special client from Japan - Hitachi Building Systems. We’ve been fortunate to engage with some of the Hitachi Group companies for a while now, working together to implement one-of-a-kind Salesforce and cloud technology solutions. Because of our fruitful history, our client excited to visit Appirio’s offshore center in Jaipur, so their organization could build and grow on our already strong relationships.

An HBS delegate spent five days at Appirio’s Jaipur Delivery Center — kicked off by our special Indian welcoming experience. The primary objective of this visit was to learn about Appirio’s capabilities with Field Service Lightning, CPQ, Lightning, cloud management, and other Salesforce Tools. Our client’s agenda was packed with roadmapping and training sessions — translated into Japanese. 

The visit was exceptional and the customer had a great time in Jaipur. Toward the end of our client’s stay, we asked our client what they thought Appirio’s strongest solution offering was, to which our client responded: 

“It's very difficult to highlight one — but the first one to call out is a great selection of resources. Appirio’s project management team is excellent. They have plenty of resources on one project, each of them having technical and industry expertise. Even individuals with two to three years of work experience manage the project well.”

Offshore teamwork

Of course, this successful visit would  not be possible without teamwork. Appirio’s offshore team prepared for two months before to hosting the customer. We took this extra time as an opportunity to plan for the language barrier. Since we needed to communicate with the customer in Japanese, we knew we needed to create a solid plan for presenting in English with Japanese interpretation. That’s when our Japan CoE (Center of Excellence), located within the Jaipur Development Center (JDC), gave us the extra power to prepare our CX sessions with more efficiency and confidence. 

Appirio’s CX is a team effort, not just a responsibility of marketing, sales, or delivery. In this instance, different Appirio groups, like Marketing, Consulting, and Learning & Development, united to collaborate on each session. And after our client’s visit, our customer said they were pleased with the preparedness and execution by our Jaipur team.

A visit to remember

When asked what they enjoyed the most about Appirio’s Jaipur center, our customer stated: 

“Appirio JDC is full of energy and vigor. It feels that at the Jaipur office, everything can be solved quickly - whatever comes their way. I felt young after visiting this office, seeing the eagerness and bright faces with which people work here.” He also added, “People in Appirio not only value intercultural clients but also show empathy and interest in the culture of Japan. This made the project smoother. The Japan training team at Appirio JDC made this visit appear effortless.”

We believe the Worker and Customer Experiences are intrinsically linked and must be addressed together. Through our customer’s visit, we could share the experience with how our vision is tied to the Virtuous Cycle.  We are creating the next-generation of the worker and customer experience, and our workers’ success leads to our customers’ success.

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