Excerpt: Before Saying Your Software Sucks, Look Around…

June 21, 2013 Jason Averbook

One of the things that I hear over and over is “our software sucks”.  There are so many things to discuss about this phrase that they cannot be handled in a single blog so I thought I start with one of the common ones and continue with a series. Lets start with what I call “feelings”.  

Organizations go through tremendous pain in developing requirements, selecting the “best tool”, making a business case, going through an implementation (many times like giving birth, even though I never have; from what I understand) and “going live” with results that leave everyone saying, “Just wait till phase 2″.  Each of these activities involves cross functional teams that have all of the right intentions individually but as a group, sometimes with different agendas (from slightly different to being on other planets).  What is really important to understand is that all of these teams are made up of people and all of these people have feelings.

You can read this blog post in it’s entirety on Jason’s Knowledge Infuser blog. 

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