Excerpt from The Lean CIO: Employees First, Customers Second – strong leadership trumps technology when changing a culture

August 16, 2013 Charlie Cowan

Employees First, Customers SecondMany companies today are getting caught up in a couple of whirlwinds.

The first is social.  Technology enables companies to connect up with their employees, their customers and their partners and a myriad of technology providers are screaming at you that if you aren’t social you are falling behind your competition.

The second is employee engagement.  In this day of the empowered employee you need to be engaging your workforce and giving them the right forum to collaborate with each other, with management, and their leadership.

Well the answer is simple isn’t it – just run out and pick up the latest enterprise social technology, go live and tick the box?  The reality is very different.  Technology itself is such a small proportion of the change that needs to happen in your business for these two trends to actually be successful.

In his book Employees First, Customers Second Vineet Nayar talks about his time as CEO of Indian IT Services company HCL – a 50,000 employee $700m business that was growing, but gradually losing market share against larger competitors.

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