Georgetown Engages Faculty, Students, and Alumni in a Salesforce Community

March 27, 2018 Rachel Koeling

For centuries, hundreds of thousands of young students have called Georgetown home. And with 4,000 current students, over 160,000 alumni, and 2,500 faculty members, Hoya leaders knew they needed to organize, streamline, and innovate — and they needed technology and solution support to do it.

So the Jesuit university partnered with Appirio to build a university-wide CRM program — allowing members of their community to access core Georgetown platforms. This new technology advances and strengthens this academic powerhouse’s already herculean culture.

“What we really wanted to do,” said Douglas Little, Sr. Asst Dean and Director of Academic Affairs, “was take that strong sense of home, and be able for [students, faculty, and alumni] to feel it when they aren’t physically here on the hilltop.”

Because Georgetown had specific goals in mind, we sat down with them, to define needs and goals — including outlining needs for governance, stewardship, and adoption.

After the Strategy phase, Appirio developed a customized Salesforce Sales Cloud CRM solution, featuring a full 360 view of both workers and customers. This visionary CRM platform features tailored UI within separate constituent communities, allowing Georgetown to provide a unique portal to four important groups — prospects, students, alumni, and faculty.

It’s clear how impactful the new Salesforce CRM has been for the university and it’s alumni. JoAnn Grainger, AVP for Advancement Services said, “A better experience for the faculty and staff leads to better engagement with the students and alums. So that Virtuous Cycle is a better experience all around … because of better tools.”

Appirio knows how culture intersects with technology, so let us answer your questions. Come see us at the Appirio Experience18 Tour. In this half-day event, our experts will explore the hidden impact of technology in shaping culture — as well as technology’s effect on the bottom line

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